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Artist: Crime Mob
Album:  Crime Mob
Song:   If You Got Ana
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[Hook: repeat 2X]
If you got ana well nigga then come
Boy you don't want it cause I am to crunk
Quick to get thug and don't give a fuck
Blasting y'all suckers who turn against us

[Verse 1: M.I.G.]
Tremb will fillitation ain't no hesitation from my clique
If a nigga got that ana I'm snapping like coco pirana or pit
If he be bucking and talking that shit Imma split his fucking wig
Homicide is on my mind hollow dreams I shatter it
Lyrically I am the law fuck with me I am to raw
Busting with my nina raw out to get me but you lost
You gone need a lawyer I'm the judge the jury I'm the boss
I'm a be the sire if you step to me you know you lost
Ain't no hope off in this shit you gone choke off of this shit
If you got some ana I'm a rip the skin off of you bitch

[Hook] - 4X

[Verse 2: Psycho Blak]
If you got ana well nigga whats up by you don't want it cause I am to crunk
Quick to get thug and don't give a fuck blasting y'all suckers that turn against us
you feeling a rush well nigga step up we be so deep that you run out of luck
you think that I'm playin try it nigga but I bet y'all hoes won't buck
cause in the mall we be to deep crucial with conflict and bout to compete
any of y'all suckers any of y'all busters any dumb faker or dumb motherfucker
you better be ready before you get got cause me and clique gone make your ass drop
M.I.G. with chain reactions severe when you step to me
blasting at you suckers hollow points will cause a trajedy
If you wanna step to me crime M-O-fucking B
we gone bring artillery while swerving in that suv

[Hook] - 4X

[Verse 3: Lil Jay]
If you got ana then I got a problem up in that manor I will come and solve it
Listen to y'all with that shit you be talking keep up that bucking you will not be walking
who is these niggaz that's thinking they hard who is these niggaz I'm pulling they cards
who is these niggaz that fall to they knees and holding they stomach
when my bullets spark think about hollow tips just piercing your body
Ellenwood area be bout that possey backed in weapons is what we be cocking
all you pretenders lets see what be shocking if you got ana then step to the clique
if you got ana I'm splitting your wig if you got ana I swear I will bang you
I can you camera you stupid ass bitch crunk in the club with the crew by my side
ready for action I pen out the ride whoever with me will throw hands so quickly
so if yoy against me be ready to die L-i-L-J why that's who I be
fought with the strap and you cannot get me C to the R to the I ME
M to the O to the Motherfucking B

[Hook] - repeat until end