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Artist: Crooked I
Album:  Apex Predator
Song:   Apex Predator (My Gun Go)
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[Crooked I]
Uhh, C.O.B. in this bitch, wave the black flag
Different kind of +Gang+ member, +House+ nigga, bag back
I tell my bitch pussy pop on a handstand
while the world's goin to hell in her Louis handbag
It ain't the end of the world, but it's like the end is startin
Adam Lanza killin 20 children in a kindergarten
Wade Michael Page shootin up a Sikh Temple
George Zimmerman the reason I'ma keep pistols
Even though I don't fuck with the NRA
Cause the CEO Wayne LaPierre, yo what he say?
Man he tryin to blame violence on rap music and video games
Like we out here killin for any old thang
If I was reckless I would tell you rappers give me yo' chain
A million views on Vimeo mayne
I creep low through the Savannah, I'm huntin you gazelle and deer
What's that? I can smell your fear
I'm a apex predator

[Chorus: Crooked I]
Ridin in my Coupe mayne
Real niggaz, we the top of the food chain
Don't make me turn the whole club into a shootin range
King of the jungle, fuck with me my gun go bang
My gun go bang, my gun go bang
And my gun go, fuck with me my gun go bang
My gun go bang, and my gun go bang
My gun go

[Crooked I]
(Bang!) I'm a apex predator, pineal gland in the forefront
On your third eye, graduated to my fourth one
You cross us in the street nigga you're done
Like a child support judge we hold court son
Glen Beck want us all to die (die)
And Ted Nugent want us all to die (die)
But real niggaz don't die
We like that shoppin center bag full of tissue, we mall-two-ply
(Haha!) I know I reached for that one
No serial numbers, you know I reach for that gun
I call her Bonnie, she my right hand girl
I can't even turn my music up in this white man's world
If I do, I get shot by a psycho's favorite gun
Sorta like Jordan David was my Michael David Dunn
Uhh, we need help, won't nobody listen
to them hollow tips that's hittin politicians
I'm a apex predator


[Crooked I]
(Fuck with me my gun go) Bang, hit 'em up, perfect execution
I'm in the underground trainin for the revolution
You niggaz scared of shootin
You ain't gotta agree with Darwin to stand your monkey ass up, this is evolution
I knew that rebel G shit would be back soon
For you thousand dollar house niggaz call you rap coons
I hang with foreign mobsters and black goons
Type of people that'll strike fear into a packed room
They ain't afraid of my nine though, they in fear of what my mind know
They know I ain't walkin with my eyes closed
My entourage is camouflaged by nice clothes
Blood in our veins is ice cold
Cause we apex predators!


[Outro: Crooked I]
Fuck with me my gun go, bang!
Predator shit