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Artist: CunninLynguists f/ Slug
Album:  Strange Journey Volume One
Title:  Don't Leave (When Winter Comes)
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[Verse 1-Deacon da Villain]
Ridin' down the road...lookin' out the window

At times it can feel like home is when I'm gone
On only roads we roam, Cali to Rome
Me and everybody I love livin' through phone
Never been one for hugs, but I long
Across time zones for strength from fam
Who are only with me through video and digital camera
Lookin' for answers, seekin' the chance ta
Make up for time that got lost in these stanzas
The click of my heels ain't takin' me to Kansas
Thinkin' bout Tuck got me stuck in these transits
My heart speaks Sanskrit with no translator
My soul seeks a hand-stiched love and a prayer
Shit, I'm everywhere, but home, I'm never there
And some I care for say I'm February air
Don't even know the mayor's name in my own town
Been makin' noise but forgot how my home sound

"...but please don't leave me standing here, when the winter comes"

[Verse 2-Slug]
Listen up, I've been meaning to say this
I'm not the greatest, I'll never make that list
But everytime I come home, you're still there waitin'
In case I never said it, thanks for your patience
Never got rich and famous, don't get me wrong
There's a lot of different faces that listen to the songs
But there's no big time, never wrote the hit rhyme
Had to roll the highway just to go and get mine
And when I got it, I brought it back to you
Wasn't even sweatin' you was reppin' with a new crew
I don't expect you to hold your breath
Just know you're blessed, and let me get that open chest
Look, you've cried with me, you've tried to forget me
You feel neglected 'cause sometimes I'm busy
You still hold me down on the Southside, dig me
You always forgive me, 'cause you're my city

"...but please don't leave me standing here..."

[Verse 3-Natti]
To make it happen with this rappin' is a part of my goal
But leavin' you little man, takes a part of my soul
Believe me, daddy know it ain't gon' be easy
Better this then have you waitin' for the state to release me
Seein' me through glass, missin' moments to squeeze me
I'll be damned, I want for you all that I never had
No growin' up with hate for an invisible dad
Wanna hold you when you cry, tickle you 'til you laugh
I'm tryin' to walk a path, right now you don't understand
You two and barely talkin' and yet you my greatest fan
I love you more then life, you with me every flight
I leave in dead of night to keep from hearin' you cry
My luggage outta sight to fight off the say goodbye
If you could form the words, I know you'd say "Daddy, why?"
And I would have to tell you how this is for you and I
I'll be back 'fore November, but daddy has gotta fly

"...but please don't leave me standing here, when the winter comes
when the winter comes, oh when the winter comes"

"Gonna keep on walkin' forward, keep on walkin' forward
Gonna keep on walkin' forward, never turning back
Gonna keep on walkin' forward"