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Artist: Curren$y
Album:  Return to the Winner's Circle (Mixtape)
Song:   Frost
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Jet life, that's all playa
Fresh weed in a glass jar playa
Not the body, vampire slaya
Pull her string like a guitar playa, John Mayor
Body shakin, body snatcher,
Undertaker, come pick the track up cause this was a massacre
Spitta den beat the beat
Right side, left and then rerap it backwards
Holy maccaral, I'm low in a Malibu two door listenin to Disney Rascal
Right up ya avenue, fly as a parachute,
High as a paratrooper, before he deploy
You ain't a d-boy you a fuckin decoy
You ain't Bruce Lee nor Bruce Leroy
Can't kick bruce bruce, you a comedy boy YEAH
My mission here is to destroy the wackness
Or in all fashions from all fashions
Fools they are. pay for they sucker-ish actions
Cast out nigga the casino magic [?]
My girl from cincinnati
My weed from Cali
Feel the blitz, like a o-line, wats happenin
High Time
Evergreen pine, we snappin trees in half and use the snap to make hash with
Hede de hede [?]
My paper straight, holdin it down, I'm a paper weight
Knock off baller yo paper fake
You fallin off and I'm home plate safe
How else can I call it but how I see it?
Can't say ya name cause I ain't see ya
Flow cold, inside door of the freezer
Four hoes chose but I'm in a two seater
Follow in a cab or I'll catch ya next weekend
Either way baby girl, nigga ain't tweekin
Pleadin, please
I'm peelin off, now you realized you was dealin with a boss
Coulda took a ride but you took a loss
Got yo friend in my drop with the top takin off
At the crib her top get takin off
And she can share the details when she wake tomorrow