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Artist: Casey Veggies
Album:  Customized Greatly (Mixtape)
Song:   According to Love
Typed by: AX Lyrics

yea um a I kno ya'll didn't, I kno, I kno ya'll didn't mean to hurt me but um
I got some shit I wanna let of my chest real quick

yea, they tryin take me I'm too young to do anything
for my love, my life, my baby, and I believe you
when you said you wanted to date me

didn't really talk to girls in elementary. didn't really faze me
didn't think you into me, then then I hit j.b. 6grade
beyond 8 she was my lady, first kiss, first crush, first relationship
she was always on my mind and I was facing it, I can't lie
what we had was no replacing it, she dump me at the end of the summer
then I was chasing it, uh, break up, make up, she never put on make up
she wouldn't... she wouldn't take take a nigga back it hurt me you can ask
anybody that, I moved on she kinda change casey v still the same (uh)
then I was the playing type, try to be with speckle
but didn't kno how to say it right, (what uh) walking up to girls
at the movies but I was trying say it nice, then came brittany
I went left she didn't come with me, she was a grade lower
so I told her to come get me, so we was friends with benefits
just to lift me you get me, everybody use to get flashed by tiffany
I knew she would dump me, it was a epiphany I moved on
we both here shes gone, next I can't lie brianica was cool
but she was friends with brittany so I was like ooooow
wazzup carla, I guess my nigga e was better, if you sent it
I wouldn't even read the letter but I sat by you in class so I guess we cool
and melondy told me to put her in a rhyme, so I guess this is her time
and she still got time, so let me kno tell the mack get back
she was real cool plus her ass was in tack but iont kno my mind was so flat
so piece, all these girls that I just wanted to get a piece
can't forget about llyoda spanish chick, or puerto rican
so I guess that was more language for the freakin
we went out or whatever she was down, but I had to let her go
she some what got around, still flirtin my heart had a condom on
never birth it yea 8grade had the chicks at the back door
but couldn't get with me I don't kno why, the knob was real slippery
oh yea the breeze, her style was to hot for the breeze how we felt
about each other was other but I had to leave her for the other son
of my mother... then a good friend got me, met her at the party her name was rocky
I was liking her alot for what she was not not, let me stop, like she stop
hittin me up iont kno, call me or something when you ready to go cause
nu nu nothing goin stop me the mountains got rocky so I met another rocky
you got me whos to young not me rocky was real cool something about her didn't
believe her til them words came up out her, she still talkin
I'm still listening, everytime she walk up her eyes
glycerin I'm missin it, she loved alot dudes but I don't think her love was for you
you, couldn't do the crew like that, there's no win, when the crew fight back
yo caty what's good, you was real good, but you like to gossip and that wazznt good
I told you I had mad love for you, but you really love that other dude
but let me kno when you ready, I got all these answers when ever you wanna test me
malasha hummm, I kno that's right, you gotta understand you just not my type
destiny the whole picture thing was a disater but I was to cool right after
I guess none of them was right for me, and that's the endin of according to love story

according to love story sorry if I forgot anybody, I think I forgot a few girls like
according to love story, yea, they tryin take me I'm to young to do anything
for my love, my life, my baby, and I beleive you
when you said you wanted to date me, yea I guess I was crazy, yea yea I guess
I was crazy I knew I couldn't find beyonce and jay-z these niggas