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Artist: Casey Veggies
Album:  Customized Greatly (Mixtape)
Song:   Dope Dealer
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1: Casey Veggies]
The Dope Dealer The Flow special
How old are you? Yo, You're special
Yo, The Kicks cool and the shirt nice
Customized greatly you're right
Cool nikes yo forget swagger
Haters getting stuck with the dagger
Why he do that? He had to
Instead standing around let's gather
You're a tagger
Uncle dave, the beats craze
The songs laid down
The scratch is playin round
Nigga I'm too nice
Yo you're too right
Bright as two lights

Heres a classic just add it to the rest of em
I'm better than the rest of em
Better than I ever been
Everywhere you never been
Nope nigga heaven sent
You get a mint
Side kick flips then I T moble dashed em
I'm about to get passin
Money green as grass is
I pull up in the dragon
How bout 20 inch rims
I can't spit because I don't wear tims
We duckin like tim
It's nothing like win
You trying to get Casey


[Verse 2]
I Took that shit though
Three, three surgeries
These beats
One day at a time
It ain't the feel it's face of the rhyme
Like like [?]
It's About time
Up in L.A Times
Casey V's time
Casey V's rhyme
That girl with me yeah that's Casey V's dime
Custom to the Casey Jones
Just take the title home
Nigga leave em alone
Yeah girls in my phone
And yes it's on
From the night to the morn
These songs hit my eyes closed