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Artist: CyHi The Prynce
Album:  Ivy League: Kick Back (Mixtape)
Song:   Big Head Bitches
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

You can get fucked, big head bitches
You can get fucked, big head bitches
You can get fucked, big head bitches
You can get fucked, big head bitches

[Verse 1]
Yeah that bitch fine and all
But she a headache with Tylenol
I done hung up on some hoes y'all niggas been dying to call
Got a record label full of bitches
Nigga don't make me sign your broad
I told her I'd give her the world
Is she take off her clothes
So I went to office depo and bought that bitch a globe
Girl I wonder where you'll be, when I turn 64
You'll probably still be sellin pussy
And I'll be rich and old
So, you need to change your attitude
Girl my worst bitch is as bad as you
So get on this bed and lay latitude
Come see what this pillow top mattress do
And your pussy better smell like passion fruit
And when you see me in the streets don't be acting rude
Cause I'm a lasting cool, I ride by you like Baton Rouge
But I can't front, shawty that ass is huge
I still jump in that pussy bitch and act a fool


[Verse 2]
Old boojie ass, big old booty ass
The type of chick that watch a flick
And talk through the movie ass
Old Tuesday ass, ruby Tuesday ass
I would never house the hoe, that's dougie ass
It's tulis ass, we call you the trap
The waitress says what would you like to eat?
She said I'll do the crabs
I play for 70 bucks, we can all do the math
I got 30 dollars left from calling you a cab
So she can't say I ain't keep it 100
Chiefing on chronic, I don't skeet in hoes stomach
I just keep the hoes coming
I got polo on the england, cause I'm meeting a Lauren London
I get red kisses, leave they legs twitching
Cause the curiosity left her with a dead kidney
This song is dedicated to the big head bitches
Cause y'all remind me of my dick head bitches