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Artist: CyHi The Prynce
Album:  Ivy League: Kick Back (Mixtape)
Song:   Freak Bitch
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Girl, I like the way you move that waist line
Bounce that ass to the base line
And I heard through the grape vine
You a freak, you like fucking in the day time
I don't need an iPhone to get some face time
If pussy was a drug, I'm a lace mine
If pimpin' had a test, I would ace mine
Cooler than my Jordan elevens, the gray kind
I like them girls who like to do it on the first night
Let me merk twice, then I'm jumping on the first flight
I gotta pipe 'cause that ass in that skirt right
So come back to the room and ride me like a dirt bike
Until you get sea sick
I like your dress, but I want what's underneath it
Baby girl, I'm getting dough, deep dish, peep this

Tonight I'm looking for a freak bitch, a freak bitch, a freak bitch
Who ain't scared to come out in no Vicky Secrets, Secrets, Secrets
She ain't the type that you going out to eat with, eat with, eat with
So tonight I'm looking for a freak bitch, a freak bitch, a freak bitch

[Verse 2]
Girl, that ass is humongous
Make a nigga wanna throw a few hundred
Some women may not like me 'cause I'm too honest
But the only folks I'm lying to is Congress
Tongue kiss her fast that she feeling on my johnson
Told her stop playing, gonna blow me like a trumpet
She wetter than a lake south of state of Wisconsin
She know how to make her way south without a compass
She say her legs hurt, feel like she doing lunges
You should wanna fuck me, look what I've accomplished
I don't mean to tooth my own horn, but I honked it
If you won a dime then you gotta have some dunkage
And I ain't got time for a boojie hoe
I need a chick who wanna drink this Don Julio
Come to the studio and bring some lingerie
Really what I'm tryina say


Bounce that ass hoe, bounce that ass hoe, bounce that ass hoe