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Artist: CyHi The Prynce
Album:  Ivy League: Kick Back (Mixtape)
Song:   Kick Back
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

We at the kick back, we at the kick
We at the kick back, bring a 6 pack
We at the kick back, we at the kick
I got some kush, we got some purp
Who tryina mix that?

[Verse 1]
My nigga bring some reefer and some bruise
Shawty I just called, on Tamika and her crew
She gon tell Ranisha, Angelika gonn tell Keisha
But don't tell that bitch Molly, awww fuck it
Tell her too
I got some white chicks, flying in from Elishu
If you girl coming tell that bitch she better not tell her dude
She like Prynce that's hela rude, ok, tell her cool
We just need a couple hoes to help prepare the food
Hold up baby, wattup fool, y'all coming through
You never knew man
Ok nigga bring the bottle
And the pretty bitches on your team who love to swallow
You high as hell, we high as heaven
Fly to death, 9/11
Porsche Carrera 97
With the stash box you can't find a weapon
Real talk, I hate the club
Plus I don't feel like buying the section
But soon as I hang out with this broad
I'm a send y'all directions
I told Will to bring some weed, this nigga only bought a 7
Hold on, let me call you back, get my partner Dave


[Verse 2]
All you hear is kick back in your ear drum
A bunch of girls at the crib playing beer pong
It's a full moon, so she let me see her thong
Chief is strong like it's Cheech and Choong till all of the weed is gone
My partner fin to bring some swishers and some alcohol
Then she get this party poppin like it's aderal
And he only fuck with bitches out of catalogue
Going fashion, brought my kick back always got the baddest broads
Oh let me see, we got soda, we got pizza, we got wings, we got reefers
We got coal, we got sisha, we got an ipod, we got speakers
We got an x box, we got fifa, we got madden, we got 2k
We got punch, we got cool aid, feel like the weekend
But it's only Tuesday
Is it too late, to call them 2 chicks we met at the mall
They both have some big titties but they ass is small
I'm for real, why you laughing, dog
Nigga let me hit you back, I gotta grab this call