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Artist: Dame Grease f/ DMX, Big Stan, and Meeno
Album:  Live On Lenox (Soundtrack)
Song:   The Future
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They got my back to the wall
Nobody to turn to, nobody I can trust
I used to have friends
But all I could think about was hustlin
That was then, this is now
And this is how I must be
A loose cannon, with a cannon
Nobody can trust me
When half the world is sayin "Fuck Me"
The other half will fear me
Shit both halves will make one whole
But nothing can dare those cowards to come near me
Yeah they hear me, but fuck that
I want them cats to feel me
Cuz to feel me, is to know I'll be a problem till they kill me
It's from sun-up to sun-down
Got my gun up, and I'ma run down
On any ass coward that feelin that I can't get down
I'm a nightmare, the nigga that's always right there
Borderline, with two lines, a little too heavy to fight fair
Unload, reload, cock back, and pop that
And drag to where your top at
And guaranteed that I dropped that
You can't top that
I'm here to put them rumors to rest
Fuck the past
Fuck the present
I'm the future in the flesh

[Chorus x2]
I'm the chrome before the storm
I'm the buzz before the storm
I'm the screech before the crash
I'm the click before the blast
I'm the rise before the fall
I'm the loss before the gain
Vacant Lot will keep it hot 
Cuz we the future of this game

[Big Stan]
Coke game to sober
We takin rap over
Either roll with us or you gettin rolled over
But pardon, niggaz is too hard for your squadron
Evacuate the buildin, save all the women and children
No way around it, niggaz comin in thousands
M17s, grenades, and four-pounders
All you grimmy niggaz get the fuck from round us
Y'all the same cock-housers from the blocks to gouchers
Celebratin is the the feelin when I catch a fake vilian
Send him brick style in the ceilin of an abandonded building
Feel me? y'all got to, I'm the voice of theory
My advice? keep rappin you ain't no where near me
Spillin blood for the dead, God bless them dearly
And look straight to the heavens so I know that He hear me
My shit fluxuate from the drop seven, to the wide bodied eight
Up on in corner, with the sweeper I let the body gate

[Chorus x2]

When I do niggaz, it's how I do niggaz
And two niggaz got nothin for me
When they saw me looked the other way and tried to ignore me
I put holes, like foot holes, in niggaz buttholes
Stomp a mudhole, when I cut hoes, the fuckin blood flows
That was bustin niggaz wide, I was 10 when I died
Now I'm walkin dead with the infared by my side
Keepin niggaz in line like a parade
Then they scatter like roaches when they get sprayed with Raid
Like a grenade, playin with spades is the plan
Now what part of suck my dick don't you understand?
Better act like you know or get smacked like your hoe
When you straped, toe to toe, but can't strap with the flow
And I gets down for mine, with the crime
And if I gots to do time, fuck it
I don't mind
I handle my business and I shoot snitches
Cuz I know nowadays niggaz is more ass than loose bitches
It's all good, I'm still out 
Knock on wood, robbin niggaz like my last name is Hood
Cuz I could, go with that mob that goes out to rob
That mad scheme to get cream without the job
I house more niggaz than a shelter
And if a nigga ever felt a, heltah skeltah
It'd would melt away, cuz the pain is too much to bear
Let the dead be dark while the Dark is here

[Chorus till fade]