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Artist: D-Sisive
Album:  Run With the Creeps
Song:   GG Allin
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[GG Allin]
My mission is to destroy rock 'n roll as it now stands
and rebuild it in GG Allin's name

Momma sing me a lullabye
Do you believe? (We want GG, we want GG!!)
I got my pencil sharpened homeboy
Rap music {*GG ALLIN*}

Half asleep in an alley feeling dopesick
Coke nose bloody, hobo hungry
Torso chubby, walk in John Goodman's footprints
Lied to by every crystal ball I've ever looked in
Mad at Ruby, bullshit, the basement of the Alamo
The laughing stock of the talent show
{*JONES*} January, Jason Sudekis - wait
The Alamo don't gots no motherfuck basement~!
Pee Wee, the Buxtons are not thieves
But do you ever dream? (Yeah, I'm all alone)
(I'm rollin a big donut, and the snake wearin a vest)
Then I wake up in an alley feeling dopesick
Deja vu, a sewer rat, spewin raps
Spewin last night's dinner on my shoes and pants
Pickin at a tattoo scab of the Kool-Aid Man
Hallucinatin, fuck it! I'm alright though
Walking "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
Last resorting to the quotes of preachers, nuns, Popes and priests
But in the end it's just little old me
A "Nobody With a Notepad," trying to find a voice to speak

So tell it like it is homeboy
Yo, I ain't scared of you motherfucker
No, build a bridge to burn it down
to the ground, and we don't need no water
let the motherfucker burn, burn motherfucker burn
Burn, it's our turn motherfuckers
"Creep Show," riot in the streets
Death to the dream seller {*GG ALLIN*}

Yo, nobody wants to hear the fat boy whine
They just wanna hear the frat boy rhyme
Feelin safe and cuddled up with what frat boy writes
But frat boy sucks and the fat boy's nice
Renegade rebel taggin lies on a newspaper box
Fuckin the system but the first to run away from cops
Fuck the mainstream they scream "Fuck that pussy sound!"
Fuck that music Justin makes for his pussy crowd~!
But that pussy crowd's pissed, Bieber's gettin pussy now
Sendin death threats, so tell me who's the pussy now?
Middle class boys who think pop punk is friggin' rad
or middle class girls who love "Glee" and silly bands?
Writers ask me, what I think of the state of
hip-hop in Canadia - and I tell 'em, "I don't"
I'm sorry if don't think about rap in Stoville
I'm busy tryin to get rap to pay my phone bill
I'm in my own world, you don't have to move in
But I got a couple guest rooms
So bake a pie, eat a pie, take a side, you can fight me in this war
or you can fly beside me to the stars and I'm gone


[GG Allin]
I mean, there's there, everybody else has stopped
Everybody else has has, drawn, lines, limits
and conformed themselves or sold out
And and I've had opportunties, and I said no
That's not, GG Allin
GG Allin's mission goal is 'til the end
Um, well I've had some very intimate conversations with evil
and I, I think that evil is important
And I think it's also important to put fear in people's hearts
And I think +THAT'S+ what rock 'n roll is all about
Rock 'n roll isn't about, y'know, the way ya look, the way ya dress
What'cha got, y'know, what'cha sound is
What's hip this week, what's hip next week
Rock 'n roll is a scary thing, rock 'n roll is, is is
is a lot like, my life, take what you want, do what you want
Fuck, fuck whatever you gotta do...