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Artist: Deadly Venoms f/ Wu-Tang Clan
	(Cappadonna, GZA, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, Street Life)
Album:  The Antidote/Protect Ya Neck Collection, Vol. 1
Song:   The Earthquake a/k/a One More to Go
Typed by: Tha Masta


[Inspectah Deck]
Yea, this is the poisonous, venomous
Killa bee, queen bee connection
Live and direct
Shaolin, BK, QB, Boogie Down, wherever you found

Yo, yo, Deadly Venom is how we end em
Mast avenge em, no friend of him
bend em in half for enterin
My comrodery move like tight security
Known to tear the club up plus the after party
On the battle field catch a body
With no fair warnin, my queen bee connect swarm on em
Primate, hold your mic straight before you challenge me
Your light weight and only force me to cause casualty
Battery packs catch match mines with the solar powered
they get over powered
shower with rhymes just like white lines of powder
Feel the realness from bein solo with this crowd here

[Finesse of Deadly Venoms]
Yo, yo, yo, we takin no shorts for sure
Comin through, smash you mother fuckers to floor
Whoever wanted war, yo, bring it
If you got the sword, I'ma swing it
Slither back to the pit when my phone started ringin
Yo, Come here, what's up, niggaz rock to get stuck
Niggaz runnin through the chamber we aint givin a fuck
Cuz I'm deadly, I'ma set the pace like a medly
Relay, who could match the venom on the replay

[J-Boo of Deadly Venoms]
Aiyyo, the bitch nice and catch crack like dice
Give em a double order of man slaughter on the tape recorder
Fuck the law and order, tape muffled and distorted
All you heard was murderous shots, the rest was pre-recorded
The jury voted, I'm a free venom, hittin niggaz with the momentum
Even villains wanna get up in em
The feelin's devious from the breathious
The way we leavin this is sure to make snakes hiss

[Method Man]
It be I, the most high, fly robin fly
Keep a close eye on Johnny 5, I'll be comin live
>From New York, it's saturday night
So it's only right, I step to the phony types
See em at the party actin hard, but the hardly a threat to the vet
Once you start me, no stoppin, no pardon me
No coppin a plea, I beat you in the head, third degree
What's the science, the 411, can't do me none
Still ghetto, I rhyme ghetto, my brother's ghetto
Never say die and never settle
For anythin less than what the devil posess
I'm like MOP to the death
Now who is Johnny Blaze, Mr. Meth
Mother fuckers

[Chorus: Finesse of Deadly Venoms, (Cappadonna)]
Hittin fever, come with the raw
Deadly Venom meet the Wu, no more to come, now what is left to do
(Ghetto collaborations, such a deadly combination
Face to face, Shakin your earth, rockin your nation)

[Champ MC of Deadly Venoms]
Yo, yo, yo, Sons of fishes rollin with a devious Clan
I got a master plan here to blast your man
Gettin lyrical, fightin your feelin deep in your mental
Like a pencil all in your brain, killin your spiritual
The original, fishin yall, rollin with a bunch of criminals
Street gunner, Venom strike like thunder
This some shit that'll stop your hunger
Ready for war, like me let you get a taste of the raw
Comin through with the Clan so you won't get far
Batters and scars, all respect due to the gods
And my queen killa bees just collectin that cheese
Overseas, gettin ready for the year 2G, DVs

(Poison Clan rocks the world)

(The Pillage!!)
Yo, I'm a great comodity, for see me
The great unchained magnetic
Release mine, fuck yall, piece mine together
To the third power, hit yall like may flowers
Scandal, slash three felonies to be the one six vandal
>From Park Hill, Shaolin put the work in
Dusk do us dawn, Lebanon Don
Don't sleep on the adversary
Mental niggaz stalk yall out on the ferry
You got trapped in between pillars
And the venoms, cherry heads are minimum

[N-Tyce of Deadly Venoms]
Yo, yo, yo, projects of elimination
We jack some like Rhythm Nations
Got your hard speed like we drag racin
We lab replacin, but tried to avoid a confrontation
You kind of mixed up like Tiger Woods with that combination
I ain't called no names, here's a hint
Niggaz with no names, antique things, gold chains
Do admire the visual, 'bout the coolest cat in Carolina
Individual, everythin digital, like Bobby
I'm lovin all them kung-fu flicks, poison em lively
I'm quickly on the run through clicks, but fast in a hurry
We I smash, leave your vision blurry
Tryin to make the bill like Murray


[J-Boo of Deadly Venoms]
Yo, on the french kiss, sour than blood, hotter than piss
You ventriliquist talkin out your ass like this
Cuz I insist that you don't wanna show the tape of the hits
I told yall, I crush yall on the tape like Quake
You tweaky trick, wanna violate, great, Wu and Venom annihilate
Don't hesitate to push the rhymes like weight
You Shake, Jake thing

[Street Life]
Yo, PLO, when the guns blow, you'se a no show, homo
Holdin like a scarecrow with no dough
Street pro's move through the metro
Rapidly my faculty quick to blow the boost out your battery
My african queen bees is backin me, shuttin down your salary
J-Boo twist another Daquiri, fifty steamboat float
Flow on this scenario, hydro thoughts lick off like a callico

[Finesse of Deadly Venoms]
Let's get it on, mic's get blown when you step into my zone
Heads get flown for tryin to clone
I take that, lie you on your back like you wanna go on
For one, there's no part, hold on, like float on
I keep it tight, rip all sides to a square
You ain't seen no thugs like these no where
I swear, you wanna test me, who can it be
Rollin with the Fam, Wu-Tang, DVs

Yo, I dead MC's with this poisonous venom
Return and send em, wack niggaz is in em
The secretly analyzed, this shit is live
I see the allies tryin to stalk the bee hive
Forgot the deadly stingin was major bell ringin
Too strong for niggaz with eyes closed and slingin
Make your point, spot your target and zoom in
Before its too late, saw the snake through his hand shake
Aimin your darts at a click you can't handle
Attack with the paint stones and travel on camel
A warm sigh as you cross the barrier
But my storm side, will destroy ya area

[Chorus x2]

(Poison Clan rocks the world
Poison Clan rocks the world)