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Artist: Da Lench Mob f/ Ice Cube, Mack 10 (Westside Connection)
Album:  Planet of Da Apes
Song:   Cut Throats 
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Down.. down.. down
Now, I got to cut ya

[Verse One: Mack 10]
It's on, that you step to the big black gates 
Too late, no escape, from the Planet of The Apes
No doubt, there's no way out, no daps, perhaps
While the homies set the traps, I load straps
By the way, the last time a fool came through I hang out
Gun shots rang out, blew his motherfucking brains out
Cut Throats style, everything is filed 
With rums in the slums for miles and miles
So.. if you toose, you loose, with none will be in your shoes
So grab your cheap ass crews and catch the blues
Hollow points holes that won't never close
Lit them up cause I rather stick them up, and get them up
Stereotype for life; is how I'm living
Down with the Guerrillas In the Mist but Fuck! this
I slang bricks, only fuck with whoopty chicks
The name is Mack 10, and I live off dirty licks
We do whatever it takes, we gotta make them ends
Even if it means jacking friends
And I'ma cut throats

[Verse Two: T-Bone]
Explosions and earthquakes that make the room shake
Back up.. Yo, hold on, Fuck That! 
Can I do that over my homieboy?
Yeah, you better do that motherfucker homie
Yeah man, Fuck This Shit!

I can break this motherfucker down, so let me do it like this
Explosions and earthquakes that make the room shake
Back up, make room, Ba-boom now you're doomed
Hollow points to the dome, once again it's on
Do you want a fat platter of some bloody brain matter?
Out cause my .22, I brought it brand new
It's draw me kind of duel, Punk give up the Lexus Coupe
Uhh! let the track loop, whores about to shoot
Any wickeddie diggeddie nigga that try to get me for my loot
So what's the scoop? - four bail troops
Dead end show by your junkie ass Cut Throat 
And I'ma cut throats

Now, I got to cut ya.. down
Now, I got to cut ya.. down
Now, I got to cut ya.. down

[Verse Three: Maulkie]
Welcome to the horrors show, murder is the flick  
Your discretion is advice, shit is about to get live
Straight from the start, born with the coldest heart
Known to get low to split the trick's skull apart
You can't stand the heat, then get the fuck out the kitchen
Cause ninety four; is the season for lynching
From outta the dark is the South Central G
Ready, hand steady on the bloody Machete
Don't you ever try to fuck me, you buster
I cut off your head and send the drama to your mama
Fucking with the Don, I put you in the right direction
A first class ticket to the resurrection, fool!
So whatever it takes, we gotta make them ends
Even if it means jacking friends
And I'ma cut throats

[Verse Four: Shorty]
Rolling with my crew about four, I'm on a down low
Tinny stepping toe, as I passed up the liquor store
The devil is on my shoulder, should I kill it? (HELL YEAH!!)
Bat that ass up, I step back like Jackie Robinson
I hit the home run, better yet a ransom
A lacker win jamer, macker framer lamer
On a board burnt up Seville
A slice jacking where the fuck his chill
I've seen a bitch ran in down the hill
Mr. Cut Throat, took his axe
And gave that bitch Jill forty lacks
When we looked and seen what we done
I grabbed the pen and the pad and put that shit on this album
And I'ma cut throats

[Verse Five: Ice Cube]
Who the fuck can I cut like Spaghetti?
Steady Mobbing, Mr. Machete, robbing all these brand tricks
Sharp as a home made shank
From Super Macks to the holding tank, I make them all stank
You caught the vapors, but.. I float like a butterfly 
I sting when I do my thing like a paper cut
Who got the sort alcohol and the cotton?
Rotten when I cut through the lame hold them dogs rotten
Have you forgotten what I've been through?
Nappy headed getting through (CHOP!!) with my Hip-Hop when I (CHOP!!) 
It don't stop til the heads fall off the cut and drop
Crazy as the bitch who cut off her husband's cock 
Her name is Robbin, I got to rob it, nigga leave the cards running
I don't need to take my gun in
Pull out my knife, it's your money or your life
Must I cope new quote, sincerely yours from the cut throats
And I'ma cut throats

Chop Chop, watch watch, bluaa
Now, I got to cut ya.. down
Now, I got to cut ya.. down