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Artist: (Da Lench Mob f/) Ice Cube
Album:  Planet of Da Apes
Song:   Scared Lil' Nigga
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[Ice Cube]
Scared little nigga, scared (SCARED!!)
Scared that the devil won't let you shovel 
Like a slave, your own fucking grave
Scared little nigga, scared (SCARED!!)
Scared to think, scared to drink Kool-Aid 
Made by your poor black mama, scared of the drama
Scared little niggaz
Scared that the powers that be, will see 'D'
Black as me, you scared little nigga, Scared (SCARED!!)
Scared, don't want to be associated, easily intimidated  
Hated when we were segregated from whitey, the all mighty
Scared little niggaz hollering Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
But mad to find out that he is us
Scared little niggaz, scared (SCARED!!)
Scared, what you're gonna do; on that dayyy!
When the USA; ain't ran by the old Fayyy 
Scared little nigga