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Artist: Dan-e-o
Album:  Speak No Evil
Song:   Thru Tha Door
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CHORUS: (x2)
We got people that we love for sure
Some niggaz we ain't feel no more
Some never made it thru tha door
But we don't hate, we just say "we don't like them"

I got this rap shit on lockdown
Sickest flow, niggaz know 'bout my hot sound
Give a fuck what you say, I wear T-dot's crown
Since you won't give it to me, I'mma take my spot now!
But I can't get my ass signed
That's why I sound vex when I rhyme
Took so much time, tryin' to shine and design my profession's incline
Just so I'd find there's no light to my lime
Stay on the grind, just to...see all the awards that you have earned
Constantly gettin' spins and I can't even get a turn
This business ain't about music's a lesson that I've learned
Case closed, now this court is adjourned
I'll tell a nigga that...


Yo, I got somethin' else to say
What happened to them rappers from back in the day?
The way hip-hop is now is somethin' they'd never play
But most of y'all think that is okay
We better pray the decay of our music don't continue to spread
Or hip-hop then will truly be dead, check what I've said
I ain't sayin' bring it back, cuz I know that ain't real
Fuck it man, just give me a deal
Or I'll keep sayin' that...