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Artist: (Danny! f/) Phonte
Album:  Payback
Song:   Phonte
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{Danny! can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message}
Yo, waddup?
D. Swain, Danny!
Waddup, it's Phonte, bruh
Yo, I'm just checkin in on you, man
I'm tryna make sure you good, like..
I was, I was watchin the news- 
Shit, I'm lyin nigga, don't nobody watch the news no more
I was readin Twitter, I saw like, nigga
I mean, the charge you facin?!!
God-DAMN~! Dog, you- nigga...
Look man, they.. MAAAAN...
Ey, look bruh, look man
Don't do nuttin crazy, bruh
Aight? I know shit is kinda crazy but yo
Don't do nothin crazy now
I know you bruh, like don't be goin to Europe and shit
Yanahmsayin? You tryna disappear in Europe
It ain't good - hell, it ain't 'bout seven niggaz over there anyway, so..
You might wanna buy you some sandals, you could maybe..
Blend in with the Africans.. over there, yanahmsayin?
Ye-yeah, bruh, don't go to Europe, man
and plus, you married, yo' wife she'll probably damn..
find you befo' the feds do
Y'know she got the tracking device on you and shit
So uh... look man, just, look I'm..
I'm praying for you, bruh
Okay? So just be smart, be cool
Don't do nuttin crazy, don't get retarded
Younahmsayin? Don't-don't nigga it up
Just be smart, be cool and it'll all blow over
Aight? Shout me out later, bruh