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Artist: David Wade f/ Baby Bash
Album:  Game Recognize Game
Song:   Creepin' (Remix)
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[David Wade]
Here's another one
Mike C.
David Wade
Baby Bash
Creepin' Remix
Come here, girl
Come here, girl
Let me tell you little somethin' 'bout your ass
I see what you doin', I see what you doin'
Let me tell you

[Main Verse: David Wade]
Thought that you were home
Talkin' on the phone
Tellin' me you love me and miss me
But you knew all along
That you was doing wrong
You was out there creeping, creeping
Deep inside, I knew, that you
Let go
Cause I can feel you, babe
And I believe it's better off
This way
So save your lies for another day

Chorus: David Wade
When I was home sleepin' (Hah)
You was on the block, creepin' (Hah)
Said you love me, now you cheatin' (Hah)
Pack your thangs, get out the door, it's time to go
Always out up on the weekends (Hah)
Up in the club, freakin' (Hah)
So tell me why you creepin' (Hah)
No, I don't need you no more, so now you gone fa' sho

Repeat Chorus

[Rap Verse: Baby Bash]
You out there when I'm sleepin', hun
Out there, just creepin', hun
Out there, just cheatin', hun
Well guess what, you leavin', hun
Out the door
Pack your bags
Leave what you can with, pack your rags
Tell your girlfriends, they can have you back
While me and the homeboys smash these Jags
I sacrificed my party life
Tryin' to be a good daddy, keep the wife
But now I'm back in the game, and I'm oh-so throwed
Baby Bash, mayne, don't you know
Oh yeah
It's goin' down
With your best friend, how I tow it down
You didn't know then, but you know it now
And bye-bye's where you goin', now

Repeat Chorus Twice

Bridge: David Wade
Gotta get up out my house
And leave all my thangs
Even the Benz
That's rolling on them chrome thangs
Gotta get up out my house
And leave all my thangs
Even the Benz
That's rolling on them chrome thangs

{*David Wade harmonizing*}

Repeat Chorus Twice

[David Wade]
Naw, never again (Sleepin')
When I was at home sleepin, you was out (Creepin')
You was on the block just (Cheatin')
Oh, I got some for you alright
But let me figure this one out
Now you can just pack all them rags you came with (Freakin')
And jump in your broke down ass Pinto, girl (Creepin')
Cause you (Gone fa' sho)