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Artist: Def Squad f/ Biz Markie
Album:  El Nino
Song:   Rhymin Wit Biz
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 [ Biz Markie ]
Funky, funky 
One, two doing em all wont do
Got my man Erick Sermon in the house
Cant forget my man Keith Murray in the house
Got Redman in the house
Def Squad is in the house
And huh huh I an huh huh huh ha
The Biz Markie
Doo dee doo
Guaranteed to rhyme for you and you
I say yes yes yall
To the beat yall
Party having people guaranteed to be like having a ball
Hey hey hey
We gonna do a little something like this I say
 [ Keith Murray ]
Yo, its the permanent chilla
Occasional illa, micaphone guerilla
Savage nigga chilla
Props stealer, skill dealer
Stadium thriller without the manilla
Until this day I still uh
Drink Old English cannot stand Miller
Lyrically Im iller than a fuckin sex killer
Nigga you got a story to tell, tell it, yell it
I rose wit the funkadelic
We dont believe shit stinks til we smell it
Let you tell it
You be putt loopbing work in but be purbin
Defeatin hip-hops real purpose
But real hip-hop will surface
At your service
Yeah you gots the right to be nervous
And if it aint them niggas its the motha fuckin cops
Plus some sucker duck MCs after my props
Cause I moved it up a few notches
But get your hand out my pocket
Before I blast off in your face like a rocket

[ Biz Markie ]
 It dont,stop keep on 
Til the break of dawn
I edman
My man, my mellow
Get on the mic cause I know you eat jello

 [ Redman ]
Well its the Doc in the flesh
Of course Im fresh
If you thought that I was starvin
Yo, Im still starvin
When I take a tab and drink liquor all together
E.T.A. for me to blackout whenever
When I transform a twelve blood cells
And my tape bangs and quakes the Fort Lauderdale
I keep a so low pro tanks be full
Why you fools looking for Doc like Sammy the bull?
I be on two oh , wit the Dro
Fuck who you know
Where two coats
When I be in range like Kukoc (jumpshot)
You know, I walk with a sumo
Attitude, acrobatical, mathematical, bizarre
Then dialog my jaw
To react when the spawn to Outgraw Mcgraw
You need a second time around like Chalamarle
To touch Doc forget it
Thats like my uncle getting approved for credit
I do it to death
When I start hooking right you be hanging a left
Check out the only crew
That makes the power moves
Whosever next on the mic, where shower shoes
Five more seconds on the clock
Your whole box been jumped on by the Doc hopscotch

 [ Biz Markie ]
As we continue on
To the break of dawn
Rock on
Keith Murray rock rock on
Redman rock rock on
Cant forget E Double rock rock on
Def Squad rock rock on
You dont stop
Def Jam rock rock on
Da da da da def jam
Jahahahaham def jam rock on
Spell it baby
Its the D iza E the F the J the A the M 
Def Jam
Biz Mark rock the house
Biz Mark rock the house
As we continue on, Keith Murray
Bring the beat in E stop playin RAAAAAAAH!!!