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Artist: Dej Loaf
Album:  $ell Sole (Mixtape)
Song:   Ayo
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Henny by the 5th, gone and take your pick
I'm pausin' cause I'm fly and I feel like I'm the shit
My squad up in [?], we got in with a dub
I only fuck with ballers, we don't fuck around with scrubs
Nigga yayo
All my niggas be like yayo
Say yayo
All my niggas be like yayo

Walkin' past the bouncers, standin' on the couches
Bottles for my squad, nigga that's a couple thousand
Nigga yayo
All my niggas be like yayo
All these [?] haters
All these [?] haters

Feelin' like a god, oh my fuckin' God
Did you just see that car? That bitch go so hard
That don't make no sense, got these haters pissed
Heard you had a problem, when I see you it ain't shit
I'ma represent, all I make is hits
Got too many styles, I don't know which one to pick
They can't put me in a box, free my niggas locked
Every day I pop a bottle for my niggas in the sky
We been eatin' good, hater how you like me now?
All that steak and all that shrimp, I done gained a couple pounds
We gon' slim it down, we gon' take over your town
Ain't no hoes in my circle, nah we don't fuck around
Ciroc by the cases, pour it on you basics
Let a nigga try me, light him up, don't use no tasers
I can't do no favors, I'm so fuckin' player
I should run for mayor, niggas watchin' me like cable