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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  3 Feet High and Rising
Song:   Can U Keep a Secret

Ahh yeah, ah ah ah 

Prince Paul likes Buddy 
Posdnuos likes Buddy 
Trugoy likes Buddy 
Mase likes Buddy 
Wouldn't you like to Buddy too? Ooh 

Prince Paul needs a haircut 
Mase needs a haircut 
Posdnuos needs a haircut 
Trugoy would you please give us a haircut? 

Prince Paul needs a luuden 
Trugoy needs a luuden 
Posdnuos needs a luuden 
Mase needs a luuden 
Everybody I want to just get a luuden 

Paul has dandruff 
Posdnuos has a lot of dandruff 
Mase has big fat dandruff 
Trugoy has dandruff 
Everybody in the world, you have dandruff 

Dante is a scrubb 
Dante is a scrubb (scrubb) 
Dante is a scrubb (is a big scrubb) 
Dante is a scrubb (a super scrubb) (scrubb) 

(And ya not gettin' the haircut either, scrubb!)