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Artist: First Serve (De La Soul)
Album:  De La Soul's Plug1 & Plug2 Present... First Serve
Song:   We Made It - Interlude
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[Deen] {Goon Time}
Yeah, we made it, alright
Made it to the big house! {Yeah!}
Goon - Time - Records {It's Goon Time, baby~!}
(HALLELUJAH!!!) What y'all sleep or somethin?!
Y'all don't know about Goon Time?! {Uh-oh!}
Man, that man only happens to be
the biggest mixtape king across the whole continent!
Mean he's legendary {Boss!}
We was practically raised on Goon Time beef CDs' {Fuck McDonalds!}
Rumor has it, he was about to release the craziest beef joint ever:
Run vs. D.M.C., B! (Word, it was hot in Queens, yo)
But Mr. Russell "Rush Money," supposedly gave 'em hush money
{Shit, I'ma let Russ tell it!}
Just enough for Goon Time to get his own label {YEAH!}
And that's when we come in! (You know it, First Serve!)
The next new shit to hit the airwaves
Ain't nothin gon' stop us now {It's Goon Time, baby~!}