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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  De La Soul is Dead
Song:   My Brother's a Basehead
   (Make the bass come out so clear)
   This song does not contain explicit lyrics, but what it does contain
   is an udesired element. This element is known as the basehead, the
   lowest of lowest of all elements that exist. And the sad thing is,
   this particular element... is me brudda!
   Brother, brother oh brother of mine
   We used to be down as partners in crime
   From our parents our name was forged
   I was the Beaver, you Curious George
   Wanted to dispose of this and that
   But curiosity had killed the cat
   At this age no wonder it was read
   But this was the fate that you were fed
   Throughout high school our minds we'd waste
   High off all the cheeba that we could taste
   Soon you had converted to nasal sports
   Every five minutes cocaine you'd snort
   Told me that you needed a stronger fix
   Stepped to the crack scene in '86
   Unlike the other drugs where you had control
   This substance had engulfed your body and soul
   Now from me you lost all respect
   Said yo need to put that shit in check
   Wanted me to believe that you had tried
   But your mind and the craving had coincided
   Said there was a voice inside you that talked
   Which said you shouldn't stop but continue to walk
   Now the brother who could handle any drug
   Had just found the one that could pull his Plug
   (Ya don't stop, ya don't, ya don't stop)
   (Ya don't stop, the body rock)
   "Yo, bro, got another rock for your hiking boots"
   "Gonna make you scream and loop three loops"
   "Gonna take you far on a freeway, okay"
   Remember that day? Slipped me a smile for a 20 crack vial
   Guess what? Time to collect, correct
   Don't have a dime? It's payback time, payback time
   "Don't cry the blues 'cause I got bad news"
   "Should I stab ya? Should I bite ya? Should I use my tools?"
   No, I got another way to earn my defeat, ah!
   (Slam the child on the hard concrete)
   (Make the bass come out so clear)
   Brother, brother, stupid brother of mine
   Started getting high at the age of nine
   Now at twenty-one you're lower than low
   Nowhere to turn, nowhere to go
   My dividends and wares started to disappear
   Where it ended up, I had an idea
   Barking you with the quickness, reversed intent
   Instead went to Pop and gave him the print
   Now Pop grew tired of being a mouse
   Finally told you to get the hell outta the house
   From there a mother figure came into play
   Claimed for you she saw a better day
   Now Mom was a product of Christ's rebirth
   Thought the only chance was to go to church
   Quitting this stuff you had tried before
   This time you claimed you'd really score
   Something I had to see to believe
   Put on my suit and to church I weaved
   PREACHER (Squirrel):
   My, my, my. What happened to the people? The people who used to care
   about what took place in the world today? I've been summoned here
   today to reach the people who still can be reached, to save the people
   who still can be saved. Can I get an Amen? Can I get an Amen?
   Hit me! Forgive us. Said it's taking over. Taking over the world. All
   it's doing is taking over. Where them crackers at? Them crackers that
   they serve, where they at?
   DOVE AND MIKEY ROADS (In background as choir):
   Said evil's taking over
   Said evil's taking over
   Said evil's taking over, evil's taking over
   The Lord's gonna forgive us, the Lord's gonna forgive us, Lord
   Said the Lord's gonna forgive us
   The Lord's gonna forgive us
   Bullshit, didn't believe a lick
   To this fool fell off, well that would stick
   Soon you reach your front of calm
   Walked round by rehearsing psalms
   Then you smiled with the funky frown
   What do you know, the voice is back in town
   Mom would say it would soon go away
   You and I knew it was here to stay
   But the man helped you when you helped yourself
   That meant going to rehab for your health
   Finally it went and blew your cork
   Heard you moved to the comfortable streets of New York
   And when my friends see me and come and ask
   "Yo, where's your brother at?"
   I'll be the first to splash
   "Yo, he's a basehead"
   (- Yo know who that was?)
   (- No.)
   (- The guy from De La Soul. Pos. Posdnuos.)
   (- Who?)
   (- You heard of De La Soul, right?)
   (- Right.)
   (- Well he was the one from De La Soul.)
   (- The one with the real nappy hair.)
   (- The one with... the dark-skinned one.)
   (- With the glasses?)
   (- Yeah.)
   (- [Background] Yeah, the ugly one!)
   (Fuck you bitch!)
   (And kept goin'...)