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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  Impossible Mission TV Series Pt. 1
Song:   Freestyle (Dat Shit) 2006
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* set to Diamond D's "Freestyle (Yo, That's That Shit)" instrumental

[Intro/Chorus: Pos]
Aiyyo wait a minute (yo that's that shit)
Aiyyo raise it up (yo that's that shit)
You better get ready (yo that's that shit)
Yo watch us fuck it up (yo that's that shit)

Awww yeah, we plannin to win
My name Plug One, I done done it again
Drop know how like bags of smoke that's hittin the floor
when you get them heavy knocks at the door
Can't tell me much about this rap shit
I ain't afraid to say it, we made some whack shit
Yeahhh, but all the rest was hot
Try to tell me it's not, man you have the gall
Most of y'all can't write, you just trace the words you heard
Already whipped, no original tape
Ain't a damn thing changed but the change I make
So my lyrical, is homegrown without the chemicals
Gotta big up Aaron from the UK
Thought I lost your math but found it in my old 2-way
I flow on and on like the Mississippi
Not on some gangster shit, never was a hippie
Just extraordinary (nary) you can tell I'm very (very)
well versed to spit verse, so don't compare me
to another nigga - he can't figure me out
I'm God Body little hottie, tell your man to be out
Throughout the lane of rap we gain support
I gotta say peace to Facemob, Black Thought
Xzibit, J Dilla, and that nigga Diamond D
Can't forget that nigga 86 rhymin with me
Your plans to win will be canned like some fruit from Dole
I'm De La nigga and I got soul (AND~!)
It doesn't matter if it's 92 or 122 beats per minute
Bonafide, Wonder Why up in it
with ease, cause I'm the Plug
Servin men, women, nerds, thugs
Jews, gentiles, Muslim or Catholic
Come to me rude I'll get right back at you with
Callin you bitch and nigga so many times
you'll walk away thinkin I was BUSTA RHYMES!


Damn I can't wait to make my next LP
Break from the deal and become more wealthy
Cats wanna hold your figures in this game
Straight bitch niggaz, ain't gon' say no names
That's just givin 'em fame at my expense
We keep it tense, have you sweatin like ye olden heaters
But no need for guns, we still keep you on the +Run+
like you're from Hollis, screamin out "Yo Peter!"
I rock this for Maseo and Tru
We stay together because it's the right thing to do
We go on and on to the kick drum
We got oodles and oodles of O's you know so come get some
De La Soul's 'bout to put some
clean up into the game that's a mess
We shot this from the ending like we did from the start
Puttin hearts in cardiac arrest

Aiyyo shoutout to 86 kid
Maceo, that nigga Smiles
Butta Verses, and the whole Stick Kid fam
And we out