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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  Impossible Mission TV Series Pt. 1
Song:   Freedom Train
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*scratching for the first 21 seconds*}

Yo De La to the death, I'm high post
Higher than most
And it ain't the weed talking cause I don't indulge
But I will let the girl rush up on my bulge
It's the, elixir, the fixer
Yo and Maseo Plug Three the mixer
Hard times spitter
That nigga Dave keep the rhymes stunnin cause he ain't no quitter
Oh what a wonderful web we spin
but never stuck on the spoils of men
The children in the street
They no longer seek three hundred and six zero degrees
They +Park+ they mind at +106 &+ freeze
Right down to their knees
But like every disease, soon come a cure
We in the lab, mixin up books and master so pure
Tyrant sound, we try
But less time available to give it to you low meaning high
No longer backed by record companies
but back by popular demand, be the man who rock shit
All day and understand we display the art
the way we want to do 'em
Leave it up to y'all to either cheer 'em or boo 'em
and ain't heard a ghost yet
Weed out your weak credit, put the game on reset
and give you the biz, fuck how it was, that's how it is

(Praise the Lord, praise the Lord)
(De La Soul is FREE!)
(So give praise to the G-O-D)
(And don't forget me, Reverand Do Good)
(Conductor of the freedom train)
(Let freedom rang, let freedom rang, yeahhhh~!)

Yeah, see ain't everybody out here gangster
It ain't all thugs
We ain't really niggaz and hoes, see I'm addicted to a dream
An occasional fiend, while you pour your glass of settle
I'm thirsty for a better high, a better I
Niggaz know the destination but don't walk at all
They never even crawl
I got needs to put Patrick Ewing's mind at ease
But I ain't come to the court just to post up
(This is team slaughter) my uniform is fitted, that's the God look
Now read between the lines of life cause that's a hard book
They say Dave holds his own when he hold the chrome
But sometimes a tight grip'll make your mind slip
But we back on like runnin to your TV
and slidin in your favorite chair, your favorites are here
on stage, movin arms like guns for sale
Your rebate's in your mail

Ain't gonna be no rebates sent back though I think
Cause it's worth the money
Just wanna send a shout out to 9th Wonder, Pete Rock
Maseo whattup
Smiles, Morgan good lookin out cool
Little Brother, Spitkickers y'all