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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  Impossible Mission TV Series Pt. 1
Song:   Wasn't For You
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

(Just talk about you) {*2X*}

[Dove] cause 
She ride cause her testament has been day one
A nigga got trust cause she been day one
Day one's done, build a fam Bruce Lee
So we K-I-S the BS goodbye
Damsel in distress so I stress good guy
Tarzan and Jane more like Bonnie and Kareem
Could you be my sugar water, tonic and cream?
Put the deen in my yard, like religion and king
And ding (and *DING*) diamond you a sight
Like unidentified rims spinnin in the night
Me without your balance just wouldn't sit right
Like written wouldn't be past tense without ten

If it wasn't for you, if it wasn't for you {*4X*}

Hey, because of you my little lady named fame
People spot me like nerves spot pain
You put the S on my chest and inside my veins
Before that this darkie had to smile for them to see me
Now them same kids that used to diss wanna be me
Due to me bein down with you
Hooked up in eighty-two plus six when you gave me my fix
You fixed my house and bankin accounts
You fixed me up with too many women to count
Only right for you to have your side niggaz too
And even when you don't come back
At least when you was here for me the world cheered for me


Pen you my muh'fucker, I'ma hold you like piss
Even when the itchy burn make me wanna let go
There you go smudgin, see actin mad funny
But you kissin looseleafs so I can't be mad
You my confidant when I couldn't tell pops
that report card came, you signed off with me
So when the checks come you'll be signin off with me
But when I'm dead and gone will you sign off?
Oh, Papermate, you light like paper weight
But you pack ink can make tattoos turn pussy
And when it's mush time you be there like a man
In my hand spillin my heart wit'cha blood


You're my first born, my little Capricorn kid
Slid in this world at one pound eight ounce
My miracle baby, grown into a little lady so fast
Like pressin the gas while the tape bounces
Through you, me and your grandfather grew closer
I understand now, all he tried to give for me
I wanna give it to you the same way
But sometimes fall short and you still live for me
I just want you to know, I may not show
all the right feelings and say the right verbs
But you're my little black diamond
And always shinin in my heart
and that's way beyond words


You've been with me on the inside homey, pumped life in me
Ever since I was a knee high, I knew I had heart
Ain't gang related but you relative to blood
AB negative you represent love
Though you break like Pringles, you're heroic in your size
You make David beat Goliath, you heartbeaker~!
Broads love you on Valentine's day
Quaker brought beats to my chest before hip-hop
Let's take this time to remember

[Chorus] - 2X