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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  Impossible Mission TV Series Pt. 1
Song:   What the Fuck #2
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Pos]
We back with the "What the Fuck" portion of the tape
We 'bout to get into this song called, "Mindstate," which was recorded
when we was makin all the songs for "Buhloone Mindstate"
And this is a song we made purposefully
just to fuck with Tommy Boy's heads like
we wanted them to think we was on some crazy shit
And we didn't, we, we had no plans on puttin this on the album
And of course, certain people in the boardroom, when they heard it
they liked it but we still didn't care so
Here we go, "Mindstate," check it out y'all


You can't beat my mindstate {*3X*}

Aiyyo let's skin the ghost
Because the sheet's been stained with the ocean
(Wishy-washy, wishy-washy, wishy-washy)
I am the elf to seventh closed closet
Burnt to the Flintstone...
Singing in the black man's wish
Figure me zoomed to the outskirts
Slave with the big black sword
down in the underbelly...
Walk, run, pick, pluck
Astinence to FUCK-INNNG
The M = a norm
Timbs made fruit to skills (hello)
Tally on {*3X*}
I'm not hard

You can't beat my mindstate {*4X*}

Aww yeah, where he where he be?
Where he go? (Yo I got that fat shit~!)
To make matters worse (yo I got that fat shit)
You got money in the purse (yo I got that fat shit)
Had to sit down for a while from my style
Was too heavy to bear (yo I got that fat shit)
For my head to contemplate (yo I got that fat shit)
Went on the blind date (she was a fat shit)
I'm not home {*everyone laughs*}

I get gooder than gettin be ("GOOD!")
Gooder than, gooder than, gooder than - gettin be ("GOOD!")
Time to play the low self watch...
I get to zone on the kosher stuff
with my avenue attitude
But I'd really like a psycho meditation
(Anybody, anybody, anybody, anybody..)
With my Indonesian boogaloo
Makes the mix cause the rainy weather is flyin soon
and ABC News won't be able to catch it baby
I'm not home

You can't beat my mindstate {*4X*}

When a sperm cell met with Haaaaa-dy
(Twelve months later) the first words was dad
Then I ran into a Peppermint Paaaa-ty
Charlie Brown gets mad
(He's comin after me) no he ain't
Yes he issssssssssss (no he ain't)
He's now over my house shootin out all the windows
("Broken glass, everywhere!")
Just like I'm standin here doin the same to his
("Everywhere!") Cause I'm not, home

You can't beat my mindstate {*4X*}
You can't beat my mind {*2X*}
You can't beat my {*2X*}
You can't beat {*2X*}
You can't {*2X*}
You.. {*2X*}

("Hello? Hello!") {*3X*}


Yeah yeah, that was "Mindstate"
And I ain't even gonna give it a
"What, the, what, the?!"
Cause that was actually pretty dope
Like I said before we was wildin out when we did it
Purposely to make Tommy Boy bug out
Like if they was gonna say like
"What are these niggaz on?" But umm
I like that song~! So umm.. y'know
We ain't gon', we ain't gon' blow it up like that
BUT! We are gon' keep movin on
So check it out, here we go