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Artist: (De La Soul f/) Jill Scott
Album:  And The Anonymous Nobody
Song:   Genesis
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[Jill Scott]
Huh! I couldn't be nobody but myself, you know that
But then they all started talking
They were talking about love bein gone - in my house
They said that there ain't much left to love
Well, there's always something to love if you're familiar enough to recognize it
I mean... have you cried for ANYTHING lately?
And I don't mean for your friends or your bills or your-SELF
I mean, for THIS~!
When do you think it's time to love something the most, child?
When it's successful? And done made everything easy for us, huh? TAH!
Um-um, that ain't the time at all
It's when it's reached its lowest and you don't be-LIEVE in it anymore
And the world done kicked it in its tail enough that it's lost itself
Yes, that's when... when nobody cares...
That's right...