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Artist: De La Soul f/ Justin Hawkins (The Darkness)
Album:  and the Anonymous Nobody...
Song:   Lord Intended
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[Dave]: Here come the mic dude... wassup with his walk??
[mic guy]: Hey guys, I got your mics
[Pos]: About time... What up, man?
[mic guy]: Who's mic one? 
[Pos]: That's me
[mic guy]: And mic two?
[Dave]: Thanks... Let's go
[mic guy]: Let me get this door for you... Good luck, guys!

One two, one two
(Hey) Hey yo Mase, you ready?
{*Maseo scratches*}
Mase is ready!
Yo y'all ready?
Ha ha! Yeah, they ready

[Dave]: We bout to burn this bitch down!

Yo, there's a fire in the kitchen, it's like nine cooks
The Kool-Aid got spiked with porcupines, look
Rode into Regal, this ain't a fast track
Your tickets ain't straight, TSA yo' ass back!
The big honcho on the block - bitch, I be him
The rock Megadeth, we gon' +Kill the King+
Swing like a mandolin
This ain't a sex toy, this ain't Spanish fly 
This hop shit push the dagger in the devil's eye
Slick Rick yo, get the big dick yo
Blow the dust covers, peep the age on it
A noseful, sniff a Rose Bowl full
New game, new players, new year
The hardest rock shit you gon' hear

You can save your soooul
If we are no morrrre
Suffer the consequences
We are the way the Lord intended

Her ass, she got it from her momma, tits from the doctor
Fingers fiddlin the puss, it looks like an Octa
Fresh off the pole, hangin from her hook
I'm in her grassy knoll to hit
Just to say that I cocked her 
(Click, click) My hardware is progressive
My sex crime language is leanin on obsessive
The Lord looketh down judgin, the room needs smudgin
But I'm over your stars screamin the moon ain't budgin (nah!)
Ain't from Hollis, don't need to tell you who is
But who in here +Raising Hell+, they be like, ("YOU KID!") 
I'm ambidextrous, liken to Dexter
Murderous lyrical blood splatter over the texture
We live by that code, not to regret livin
Electric guitar sparks and ignites gun powder
Your +Sabbath+ ain't +Black+ enough to call my bluff, bitch!
The killswitch just turns it louder


[Justin Hawkins]
Fuuuuck everyone...
Burrrrn everything...
Leavin an impression not just a dented legacy
Fuck everyone, burn everything you see
Not just clingin to the planet powerless to a void
That the cataclysmic impact of a massive aster-OIIID!!
(Fuck everyone, burn everything)
Fuck everyone! Burn everything
Never to surrender to the cosmic schadenfreude 
of only meetin your creator on the day you are destroyed
(Fuck everyone, burn everything)
Just as the Lord intennnn-DEEEEEEEEEEEED~!!!!
(Fuck everyone, burn everything - ahh, ahhhhh)
(Fuck everyone, burn everything - ahh, ahhhhh)
(Fuck everyone, burn everything - ahh, ahhhhh)
(Fuck everyone, burn everything - ...ahhhhh)
Burn everything!
(Fuck everyone, burn everything - ahhhhh)

{*guitar solo until song ends*}