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Artist: De La Soul f/ Estelle, Pete Rock
Album:  and the Anonymous Nobody...
Song:   Memory Of... (US)
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[Intro: Pete Rock]

[Chorus: Estelle]
And it's so easy to fall back to the memory of
And it's easy to recall the good and fall into place
But you're not easy to love, I love the memory of, of...
The memory of, I remember your face, I remember your way

[Estelle] (Pete Rock)
I remember you now
Part of my existence
I remember your face (Face face face...)
You came in and got me
All in a day
Yeah, all in a day (Uh-huh)
I remember your lips
Do you remember the taste? (Uh...)
Remember family names
Your child, my child, our child
Whitley and Dwayne
+Different+ to my +World+ now
Remember the ways
You grip my hips so tight now
Slow up the pace, maybe erase, don't remember my words


[Posdnuos] (Estelle)
How could I forget?
A ballad was born upon a demo of a fly love song
Didn't take long before the archer with the wings heard it
Shot us in the heart with a contract, he knew we were a hit
The right amount of soul with a parallel amount of grit
But the archer couldn't see the target of departure
Gave in your pink slip and called it quits
It's understood you would, label me a mate who wronged you
Cause I kept wantin to feature
with them other females on they songs too
Your words spoken in mono for monogamy
Tellin me I had to go cause I chose
Stereo for stereotypical male biology
And now I'm left settin traps for you to fall in
for me again who hates you to tell me
(Slow up the pace, maybe erase, don't remember my words)


[Dave] (Estelle)
Our last trip to Vegas had me feelin like we had a chance
But chance just showed up at the wedding
I guess I didn't read the heading
"Forgive and won't erase the bitter past"
But I ain't up for kissing ass
I bought you everything your pretty feet could fit in
Put you behind the finest steering wheels
Fearin you would drive a nigga crazy {*smacks*}
Told you grow up, but shit, you was my baby
Bits and pieces never made nothing decent
When I accommodated you, you played me like a stranger

[Estelle] (Dave)
I remember you now (Mmm, accountability is major)
A part of what I did then
Remember your face
Just don't let me trip over memory lane
Cause time can't be replaced
Ooh, and I don't want to stay

[Chorus: Estelle scats the chorus]

[Outro: Posdnuos]
It's De La featuring Estelle
With the Soul Brother Pete Rock
(Uh, uh)
Soul, soul, soul...