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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  and the Anonymous Nobody...
Song:   Whoodeeni
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{Your music m-m-means-means everything-thing to you...}

Bullet bring the gun, why pull it? (Why pull it?)
Shoot words to see who's full of it (Uh-huh)
We from the same place, land of the game face
Plug signs on the jackets
Give props, yo, like a Prop Joe package
It's illegal
How those kids can come from out of the slums and live so regal (What else?)
Lose it all on a prayer to the ego (What else?)
Before the loss we earn for the cause (Yep)
Toast to the life though my liver won't endorse (Yep)
Currently in time and my enzymes
are in sync to digest the brink of Armageddon (C'mon)
The bedding's over the mattress we lay with the actress
For social media to swallow us
Watch them rap peers who don't reply back
Cause they think we gonna snatch up their Twitter followers (Awwww~!!)
That's some female-type foolery (Sure is!)
And your females like glue to it (Sure is!)
She know it, the scent of a poet
Police buy restraint to cover all the angles (Got it covered, yo)
The opera of operations
Scene One got you and your crew all confident with courage
We'll be there, jump in your square, wreck it
You be like "Check it, they stretched the shit into rectangles, DAAAAAMN!"

[Chorus: in tune of "Freaks Come Out At Night" by Whodini]
Dance, break, get out your seat (Whoo-deeni)
Show me that you deserve to be a freak (Whoo-deeni)
Get loose y'all, work it out now (Whoo-deeni)
Everybody, everybody get down (Whoo-deeni)
(Whoo-deeni, Whoo-deeni)

[2 Chainz]
Yeaaaaaaaaah... 2 CHAAAAAAINZ~!
Born institutionalized
My homie from N.O. found his crib with the roof on the side
FEMA askin for an address, but ain't no mailbox
Nothing left to do out here but to sell rocks (yea)
Now they got cellphones inside of the cell blocks (yea!)
And my cousin on parole cause he sold Glocks
My cousin that sold stock
Told you we have more soul than James Brown
Wearin a gold watch that obviously don't work
Used to go home and rob niggaz for homework
See if the chrome work
Might call your girl to see if my phone work
I'm a hood star and the trophy's a gold vert
Mouth full of gold teeth
Niggaz might end up obsolete if I'm fo' deep
Real nigga 4-L, bed full of new sheets
Bedroom flo' filled up with the loose leafs (money!)
This is a war zone, me and a two-piece
Put another head on 'em and make it a new piece (tell 'em)
She be like "ooh-wee", I be like "ooh-wee"
I love myself so much I'm a groupie
Everybody know my verses is Pookie
Had 'em all strung out like it's a drug house
When I'm in the booth I'm MJ with his tongue out
When I'm in the booth I'm Kanye with a gun out
Run in your mom house
Then I'ma lean sideways and burn out (HAA!)
All natural, I hope you got the perm out
Woo~! I've been straightenin that shit
New niggaz came and tried to hate on that shit
I'ma use it now, I ain't waitin on shit


Yo, big drawers, where the big drawers at?
I got a case of the little head controllin the big head thinkin
Played Honest Abe in the back of a Lincoln
Chopped down a cherry, American Pie varied
Next day she was on my Snapchat sextin
Had her bunny hoppin a quick ten seconds
Dear Lord, forgive a nigga, I've been down with doubt
Had the frog legs, now I'ma knock this piggie out (GRR!)
Now Dave like to cuddle, but Dave don't play that
Like Dave had the ring - listen, Dave ain't say that (Nah!)
Courtships to door steps for gettin ass
And if it's one of my broads, keep your feet off the grass
Size 11 the gas
Mash that potato 'til we lay in the grass
She mellow like it's a picnic
If she the mermaid, give her the fish stick
First class flight, shoot her out to the district - wait
Cancel the stallion, hold your horses
Kickstart your life and cut your losses (Cut your losses!)
Look how we did 'em, ma, your boy still got it
I quit drinkin, I quit the narcotics
Life's a bitch, but she seein a therapist
This hip-hop done really took care of us, huh?
We got stoops and Van der Rohes to sit on
Bitcoins, Vivian Maier's to bid on
But we cautious
Never undermine the hate and turn the spell on your evil forces (Work!)
But this ain't the cha-cha two-step (Work!)
Been a rider ever since the Schwinn gooseneck
The buck stops here, ain't no "who's next"