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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  Jenifa (Taught Me) (12")
Song:   Jenifa (12" version)
   This song...does not contain...explicit lyrics...but the thought... is
   Verse 1
   Access to her cove, lovestruck Dove is Dove's mode
   Took a look, dropped my books, Jenifa, oh Jenny
   Breakfast was our greetings, yoghurts and birdseed's what I fed
   Slipped a note, "Rock my yacht, Jenifa, oh Jenny"
   Jenny only thought about Jimmy, but didn't think about Derwin
   The Jimmy who's only a virgin
   Steady we go, Jenifa led, pluggin' a tune which freedom well said
   So what's the fix, O Jenifa, can a brother with soul get swingin'?
   Verse 2
   The Downstairs where we met, I'd brought records, she'd cassettes
   Lost a break, found her shake, Jenifa, oh Jenny
   Transcripts showed more than flirt, "I love daisies" read her shirt
   Grabbed my jeans, Jimmy screamed, Jenifa, oh Jenny
   Morals shaped like the floss, no-one could live their life for Pos
   Found her house, aroused my joust, Jenifa, oh Jenny
   Her clothes I did shuck, just like Dan I strictly stuck
   To the punt, she cried "Kick it!", Posdnous was in
   Jenny only thought about Jimmy, but asked was I a virgin
   Like some kid named Derwin?
   She said, "Let's try it in the bathroom", but the 'nous is way above
   So to the kitchen she did Dan and came back wrapped in Saran
   Verse 3
   Positions, muscles flexed, Dove was lost in a Ghana hex
   Passed her test, felt her teddy, Jenifa, oh Jenny
   Notions soothed the mood, Dove was lost in De La heaven
   Scream Plug 2, did the do, Jenifa, oh Jenny
   Jenny teased my homeboy Granny, in fact she teased so many
   She was known as a garden tool
   Did her thing while I plugged once, hope she don't fall fat 9 months
   from now
   I'll tell you what, Trugoy ain't ready
   Verse 4
   Worned out was my cater(?), mind you, this was 3 days later
   The door turned blue, you guess who, Jenifa, oh Jenny
   Advanced to the radio, Teddy persuaded us to turn off the light
   Wanted me to rhyme while she wrapped me up in a ball of twine
   No more I dispatch, was it Jimmy had met his match?
   Or could it be the realisation all girls owned a Jenny?
   For normal health I have fought, a valuable lesson she hath taught
   Don't flaunt that the candy is good unless you came with plenty