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Artist: Prince Paul f/ De La Soul
Album:  More Than U Know 12"/Prince Among Thieves
Song:   More Than U Know
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(And now for my next number....I'd like to return to the classics. Perhaps
the most famous classic---)

Yo, yo, excuse me
I heard the word from word of mouth
That you were into booking flights
My, travel agent took a trip up north
And I need to book a flight tonight
I, enjoyed a getting away from day-
To-day stress so I need to leave
Soon. (If that's a case, I have no space
But for later I'd be sore to (leave?))
Nah, nah, that's not gonna do, I know that you
Can find another flight leavin the same
Time. I need to get aboard. I can't afford
Any penalties to sit in the main cabin 
(yo, that didn't rhyme) It doesn't matter (What does? The money.
Show the cash and the ticket is yours)
Cool. Here's your green. Now I'm up outta the scene
But I'll be back to purchase some more

(I like it) More than you know it
(I like it) More than you know it
(do you want me baby) I want some mo'!
(do you want me sugar) I want some mo'!
(I like it) (I like it!)
(I like it) (I love it!)

Now I'm comin down outta the clouds 
And I'm runnin into turbulence
Need to get up, up higher again
Feelin like my soul's on fire again
Don't need to bail for safety, show me where the safe be
So I can take me another trip
To the agency, cause the travel unravel my woes
But now the craving grows
So, I need to get a ticket cause man, oh I,
Need to get aboard a plane again
Some, say I'll crash, but It's my life and cash
Gonna write it out until the end
Numb, to the lift of the whiff, (grow?), when I vacate frequently
And I got, frequent flyer when I retire to death
Tell 'em that the big C sent me
And a lot, of brothers man. I'm not the only brother
At the airport, needin a lift
Off. Was a agent til I was caught and brought
To an unfair court, pleadin the fifth
Soft, ground I prefer upon the mound
When I pinched a rock for a fee
Now others say standin at the bat isn't where it's at
But takin hits is where I'd rather be


Now I bagged this chick but she got me wide
Made me lose my friends and my pride
Had me cashing my checks for her
Lost all my self-respect for her
When I was broke she'd go solicit other guys
And if we made love you could see it in my eyes
My fantasy was one day to be a millionaire
So I could reassure that my baby girl was there
I could feel her love, son, I taste it in her lips
Mentally she was a trip, had a nigga whipped
A lot of other cats got strung out in the past
But I'ma get the love last, then I make a dash
That's what I thought but Miss Thing was too appealing
When I had no dough for her, she had a nigga stealing
(Hands hot) Now I'm incarcerated, honey ain't around
Into withdrawl from her, while I'm locked down
Two years down I hear she's still a thick dime
Controllin niggas pockets and even ladies' minds
(Here she come) ? with a temptin proposition
(Approaching me) But when she said "Hi" I had to listen
I'm sweatin beans cause I know I'm gonna bait her
Better do it now cause you're bound to do it later
I can't refuse her, my denial's a wish
Fell into her arm when I gave her a kiss
Cause I like it