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Artist: De La Soul 
Album:  Smell The Da.I.S.Y.
Song:   Goes With the Word
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Yo, everybody's sayin... what to do 
when sucka lunatics start diggin and chewin 
They don't know, that the Soul don't go 
for that, potholes in my lawn 
And that goes for my rhyme sheet 
Which I concentrated so hard on, see 
I don't ask for maximum security 
Aiyyo, my dwellin is swellin 
Nipped my bud when I happened to fall 
Into a spot, where no ink or an ink-blot 
Was on my scroll, wrote me a new 'mot' 
But now it's gone, cause those punks knew that I hate 
To recognise when they come thru, they leave with the words

(Potholes in my lawn..)

Yeah, I've found that it's not wise 
To leave my garden untended cause eyes 
have now pardoned all laws of privacy 
Even paws are after my writer 
See, I pursue that everyone's sayin 
What to do when suckers start preyin 
On my well-guarded spreadsheets 
Oh why, hell does it send up fleets 
Of evil-doers through the big hole 
Get them evil-doers who be diggin holes 
Which leaves my lawn with lawn-chew 
I think I'd better plant traces, give clues 
Or better yet call 911 
..And when they get here I inform them I'm the Plug One 
Open a chair and let them realize the reason 
For concern of the Soul..
But yo, check it we gonna do it like this

You say ain't no Dilla like the one I got!
(No one can do shit better!)
His beats held the DNA of hip-hop
(And kept it hot like a thermal sweater!)
Can't duplicate it so just leave it alone
(Naw, you can't duplicate the sound, boy!)
He has the universal sound but the D was his home
The D was his home (Motown), the D was his home
The D was his home (Motown), the D was his home
The D was his home (Motown), the D was his home
The D was his home (Motown), the D was his home {"MOTOWN"}

"This is the city of Detroit, in the state of Michigan"
"Now, WAIT A-" "This ain't no motherfuckin cinema, BITCH~!"