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Artist: De La Soul
Album:  Smell The Da.I.S.Y.
Song:   Taking the Train
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"Goood morning, good morning, good morning everybody
 Hahaha, yea, everybody's lookin good this morning
 Aww today's gonna be another good day
 So let's go get 'em!"

Ego trip, ego trip
We be taking the train to the ego trip
Ego trip, ego trip
Taking the train to the ego trip

Ah-yep, yep! Big trucker man is rollin in your town
How ya do? How ya do?
I got the joints to make ya... JUMP! Because we headin eastbound (bound)
Tired of the merry-go-round and around (round)
And everybody's talkin 'bout your stuff funny
But they still tellin lies to me (They tellin lies)
I got the trees in my backyard
And it's hard for them to tell a lie to me
And who's the foot? When I'm the foot, now you say it
(Now who's gon' say it?) You know what I'm sayin?
Skirts play wit it cause I'm slick like that
(I think they're sayin y'all the greatest) If I'm the greatest
Well gimme gimme mine cause I'm heavy when I weigh it
Watch the way he say it - (ego trip)
Change my pitch, smack my bitch - I never did it
The flavor's bein butta but brothers ain't gettin it
GET IT? Or else you're a goner
When I rolls it over, ya gonna have to wanna, chill
Cause I'm the Chattanooga champ
We takin' a train... We takin' a train...


Well I'm somethin like a phenomenon
Yo, I'm somethin like a phenomenon
I be the better brand, Superman
I run blocks with my circle, we be Nubian
I got platinum rust, never ever fuss
Aiyyo Maseo, he down with us (c'mon)
People stop takin his stylin for a joke
Don't sassafrass. I put foots up in ya ass
Sometimes I'm fast, I blow off like a seal
...Hey hey~! For real
Mase chopped the record down to the bone
And now Renee King is on my cellular phone
So we talkin autographs, years and laughs
Champagne caviar, and bubble bath
But see ahh, ah that's the life, that I lead
I got halos on tilt with the wings of speed
Cause I'm so fly

And yes on and on
I'm in it like a river so don't you rock my yachts, yo
We got them +Gills+ like Johnny
And sail those seven seas (Well, good for ya!)
We bigger than bigs, so dig it (You better dig it though)
With waves that amazes popes
I am the is equals is cause it's caught up
When the tides taught me the ropes
Ain't no weights for the bass (Man, I'll give you four)
And we're the verb unheard, you better gimme one more
I ask you you got it if you're special
With a dapper toe tapper when a lot's goin on...
Hey, the answer to the riddle is me, here's the question
Who can be, and who can be, and who can be, and who can be...


{"Go Jay Dee, cause that's my Jay Dee"}