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Artist: Diggy Simmons
Album:  Unexpected Arrival
Song:   The Arrival (Intro)
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

They will say you don't belong
They will assume you don't relate
They will underline your wrongs, they will expect you to be late
You are special. Your talent pours from your pores
Your footsteps in directions that are both certainly correct
and your absolutely unsure
Those cold, lonely dark hallways called "what if"
Yeah those are around
But if you don't back down
you unlock that door to warm hearts and dope situations
in a room full of us called "what now"
You wake up, you win
You try, you win
You fail, you still win
Long as your alive, cause if you die what then
They will tell you "You Only Live Once" and that's true
But if you live correct and inspire him, that's two
And she, that's three. Four and more. Five, strive
Create your dream that create your team
That create your steam, till your hot. You na'mean
The Arrival