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Artist: Digital Underground f/ KRS-One
Album:  Who Got the Gravy?
Song:   Cyber Teeth Tigers
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah.. aiyyo Kris, tell em whassup though

Yo.. yo, yo!  One two!
Coming atcha live and direct!  (That's right)
Digital Underground kid, you know whassup, hah

[Shock G]
Aiyyo Kris is chillin, Shock G's chillin
What more can we say, about the villains?
The real killers chillin in the White I mean the
Not Right House, want me to be they lab white mouse
The smile of seedy greedies, deprivin the needy, breakin treaties
Overseas whylin while they profilin on the TV's
Some of em cool though, see I like that nigga Bill
Hittin everything in town, and he got that smile down
Now let's break down the meaning of a smile
Is it happiness and blissfulness?  Well let's go down the list
You got the "Real Deal For Real Real" smile
You got the "Phony They Don't Know Me Let Me Have My Feel" smile
The "Dumb Embarrased" smile
The "Oooh She Look Delicious Sure That Girl Is Lavish" smile
Then you got the "Shake Your Head, Naah Black, 
That Shit Was Wack" smile
The "Across The Bar, Yeah It's Cool,
We Can Hit The Sack" smile
The "Crack" smile, the "Caught In The Act" smile
The "Over My Shoulder Caught You Scheamin On Me
Delayed React" smile
The smile you're really glad to see, when it comes round
The spot's hot, they got you boxed in, it's bout to go down
You glance back, your man who packs that, once in a while
gives you the
"Oh I'm Strapped, Do Your Thing, Baby I Got Your Back" smile

Smi-ling fa-ces, some-times
Pre-tend, to be your friend
Smi-ling fa-ces, show no tra-ces
of the evil, that lurks within

Whaddya think I joke?  (Nope)
Whaddya think I sniff coke?  (Dope)
Me a Wild T'ing, like Tone Loc, you betta be go
When the sound clash erupt, rev up
Step up to the cut, "Wassup?"
I show up to blow up and leave the spot to' up
You know what?  I'ma go nut
And you know what?  Yeah so what?
It's the regular, when you check for the
one that perfected the
smiling face people posing as your equal
Knowin they wanna beat you defeat you and eat you
but they greet you with peace and love
Not with the beast but the dove
Not beneath but above
Now the cheek, give a hug, snug
No grudge, til you turn your back and learn the facts
It's called learn the truth
The tree is only known by it's fruits
These smiling faces, in many places, sometimes they racist
Sometimes they sexist, sometimes they want your Lexus
Sometimes they be your family members remember,
"Oh no not my lady, oh no not my fellow"
with them you thought you'd never ever sever
But they was two-faced and headless
with a whole 'nother agenda but clever to say whatever
forever, let me make this relationship better
If you're real, stay real, be real
The truth, we got to treasure, not these

Smi-ling fa-ces, some-times
Pre-tend, to be your friend (They know they phony)
Smi-ling fa-ces, show no tra-ces
of the evil, that lurks within (They may be lurkin)

You know whassup, hah!
KRS-One, Shock Jigga (that's me baby)
Ha ha, word
(Yo, just let the beat breeze)
C'mon (uhh)
Uhh, uhh, woooh!
(yeah, cuz they be lurkin)
(Never trust a big butt and a smile baby)
(Yo Kris that's peace baby)
(They know the deal)
(A smile ain't nothin but an upside down frown)
(Never trust a big butt and a smile)