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Artist: Dilated Peoples f/ Catero
Album:  Directors of Photography
Song:   Century of The Self
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Waddup Catero? Y'all ready?
Y'all ready? Y'all SURE?
Let's do it!

[Chorus: Catero]
We, the, peo-ple of, the, fut-ure
Seem, to, see, the, e-vil known
Se-cret sys-tems, reg-u-lations
World-wide pan-de-mo-ni-um

[Rakaa Iriscience]
Now I don't bother with if Jay's illuminati or not, but
I know TSA got me throwing the Roc up
Hollywood rules, the illusion is cruel
Banker war's planned and confusion's a tool
In fact, vampire swarms attacked us, grappled with corporate Draculas
Tried to consume our worlds, battled Unicron, Galactus
They point their weapons at us and they back aristocrats up
I say it's big business when they bring the secret frats up
Big Pharma, check the rate of disease
Big Agra, GMOs and the fate of the bees
Big Oil, Seven Sisters still drill as 4 Horsemen
Blocking natural power then raping nature for fortune
It's unfortunate, Century of the Self
Creditors loansharking eager parents empty the shelf
Universal babysits, Jimmy Iovine raised their kids
Then they wonder how and why we're caught up on this craziness


[Rakaa Iriscience]
It's a complete disaster: a glass ceiling and a greasy ladder
Hit the leaders, strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter
Demons playing God, born again or born in sin
More in danger when they seed the clouds with HAARP, storms begin
Some say it's fiction, some say Egyptian
Others prayed with strangers and they somehow traded land and culture for religion
Slavery ain't a color, bodies for these private prisons
Military biz is booming, private armies pilot missions
FISA courts unchecked, watching Prism watchers
NDAA interpretations -- now the system got ya
The net has been bugged, call for the exterminators
Micro drones have been home, DAARPA's building terminators
Watch out for the shills, traitors cut a deal
Or agents planted manipulating games from the field
Republicans want the old days. Democrats -- new slaves
Bigger business wants it all and they don't care who pays


Let's go! Ye-yeah! Dilated
Rakaa, Iriscience
Oh NO~! Waddup Catero?
Dilated... OH NO!