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Artist: D.I.T.C. (A.G., Diamond D, Fat Joe)
Album:  Make Em So Proud (S)
Song:   Make Em So Proud (Hold Up)
Typed by: Soob

Replaced by the prettier things
When I see you with all these girls
I just don't understand
I guess I'm not like the rest of them

[Verse 1: A.G.]
Many people tell us our style is terrific
It is quite different now let's get pacific
I'll focus on a lyric - mind, body, spirit
Inspires when you hear it, so you feel it
I'm birthed in the Apple, Bronx is the cradle
Fighting off demons, embracing all the angels
Mastered all the angles, you should do the same too
Before your inner self blame you, came through
With the same crew - D-I-double-G-I-N 'till the end
Fill a pen, kill again with the will to win
Nah, we're not like the rest of 'em
In the same sentence don't mention 'em, hold up
I said we make 'em so proud, this that loud, nigga roll up
See, Andre's a giant, Joey got that crack
Finesse is the Lord, Mush shine on a track
Buck got the heat, Show got the street
L is still with us, best producer with lyrics
Is D squared, so you better beware
So lit with the shit 'till we leave here, yeah

[Break: Fat Joe]
Often imitated, never duplicated
D.I.T.C. nigga

[Verse 2: Fat Joe]
I was at the castle, Dapper Dan on
Finesse on stage, I'm like put your fans on
Ever since the shotgun flew over the sofa
I been building the empire, preserving the culture
Life's what you choose it, crack before music
I put it on the wall, now my name's on the Hall of Fame
Next to L and the rest of the crew
I had to board therefore I was destined to shoot
I'm like Vince with his arm in the rim, tell ya honor with 'em
That I'm never going back, but it's still cook coke crack
She stash the dope where I showed you at
Don't make me have to give a soul class, nigga

[Verse 3: Diamond D]
Uh; and now you got all these non-descripts
Looking for an angle - all dressed up
Like they looking for a bangle - I'm pressed up
I'm just looking for a strangle
Cause these lames wanna hook and entangle (uh)
In the League of Extraordinary Men
All blessed with extraordinary pen
Fans screaming now they want the more live six shit
That uncut 1-0-4-5-6 shit, yeah
Bodacious (uh) so gracious
I don't talk much, but the flow is loquacious
(Diggin') rough beats and rough raps
The vanguards of boom bap, fuck that