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Artist: DJ Babu f/ Jurassic 5
Album:  Duck Season
Song:   Ducky Boy
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Yo... uhh
I'm never hesitant to say fuck the president
Catch him at his residence with central intelligence
My government be on some undercover shit
They label me a threat cause I wont be a vet
I detect the unusual suspect the dialectic off set
Hidden plannage in the protocol death threat
Aimed at generations triple X
Its termination your self determination mind set
They show me no respect
From the moment you set  
On the african continent with chains and whips
Bottles and ships, yo apologize bitch

I hold the ten comandmants
Bust your bones from the planet
The camera candit
My entourage just landed
"??" hype
Killer code via satellite
Parasite rock the diamond colour gold china white


[Marc 7]
Stand still
Nobody move
Theres thunder when he comes 
Thats bass be on the drums
So fear the school yard cause the rules hard
Those who fool hard stick around get found and beat down

I'm the "??" colapse charisma
Within a impotent polaroid picture 
Defy unidentified chemical production fresh, never the less
Reflection of an ugly duckling

"You've never known fear untill you have seen ducky boys"

Over the water got ships at your lands border 
Vocal brutality got you grippin' your cam-corder
Secret societies solicit this grand order
The stand for conserving the wealth to plan murder
Are these clowns really aware it sounds silly
But play ground dwellers beware the town bully
The unrully force that pillages whole cities
While media justifies and stories are told pretty

"Rated R No one under seventeen admitted without parent"