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Artist: DJ Clue f/ Cam'Ron, DMX
Album:  Summertime Shootouts
Song:   Pull It
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* dogs barking *

Uh, let me tell you somethin
Act your age, and I ain't even, matta fact, listen to me
Let me tell you somethin


Don't make me come at y'all, y'all don't wanna brawl
Make me run at y'all gun at y'all, take it all run it all
Actually there's a front it all lemme talk to y'all
Done it all y'all ain't even begun to ball
Winter, spring, summer, fall
The cream still stackin if the fiends still crackin
You the same one cryin, for that Billy Jean jacket black fever
Pussy ass, don't smoke no pot neither 
Mommy take care of your high fever neighborhood watch leader 
Close the drapes up,  make the tape duct tape your face up
I fuck wit more powder, then makeup get em laced up
P doe, have a party for the brother
15 minutes, but I feel sorry for your mother
I kill like the greats did
Had a state bid for stashin little Nate 
(He was only eight) but I hate kids I know all parents think they experts
But yo my TEC bursts is death spurts wet hearts and Guess shirts, what!

Uh, Uh, Uh

Lets get it on baby (what) cause I'm ready to start
Take the locks of the cage cause I'm ready to bark 
and niggaz gonna know when it's on for the heart 
niggaz gonna go when it's on motherfuckers mad trucks you know 
they feelin' it I'm flippin' it to niggaz 
got them thinkin' that they real in it
you hear that but don't go near that you better fear that 
you was the one that wanted to have the house wit the the pool right
where it at RRRRRRRRRRRRRR! don't make me bite you 
I used to fuck wit yo' sista don't make me fight 
you see how I play wit it but stay wit it I'm ok with it 
I'll do it, but he will be the nigga that they say did it 
what you don't know is gonna get you fucked up 
and when you don't roll it's gonna get you stuck up 
niggaz want what (what), thats what I thought 
Dark Man baby, X for short 

What, what, what, uh, what, what, uh, what, what


[DMX] Runnin around niggaz like circles I hurt you
      "Did I do that?"  Just like Urkel I jerk you 
[Cam] Yo, aiyyo, it's Harlem World NY yo what try yo luck 
      but I know what niggaz won't know how you're stuck
      body right beside your truck, what
[DMX] But they're screamin' I'm screamin' but they're screamin' ice creamin
      They should have fuckin' known there was no such thing as an ice demon 
[Cam] Aiyyo, you dogs don't play wit me I'll beat yo' ass from A to Z
      Bag you up like A & P DMX n' KFC 
[DMX] Bench nigga I'm a bless niggaz wit my slugs stress niggaz
      I'm a wet niggaz wit my thugs 
[Cam] Yo, yo, aiyyo when niggaz like to act ain't no wonder
      I creep aiyyo don't make me put your ass nigga, under my feet 
[DMX] Ha ha, hold me down baby bark at your dog
      let me know if it's real walk in the fog 
[Cam] And then we hit 'em 
[DMX] Slap 'em 
[Cam] Click 'em 
[DMX] Cap 'em 
[Cam] Stick 'em 
[DMX] Tap 'em 
[BOTH] Motherfuckers all know how we have 'em, what!

* dogs barking *

Where my dogs at? (what)
Uh, where my dogs at? (what, uh)
Uh, where my dogs at? (what)
Cam, my nigga

DMX, Cam'Ron, Def Jam, Untertainment, what