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Artist: DJ Honda f/ KRS-One, Doe-V
Album:  HII
Song:   Team Players
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All you sucker MCs just sit back and hear the new lyrical styles comin'
straight out of America New York to be exact. Like to shout out DJ Honda
this is KRS One with Doe-V.

I open fire with lyrical gats for opening acts and opening tracks
Without vocally knowin' they raps
I crack backs when active raps get 16 gold and platinum plaques
I been there and done that
You wanna critique the teacher but you know you haven't studied
People turn funny when they think you're makin' money
The true philosopher of hip hop is in the place 
I'll punch you in your face then discuss clearing space
Damagin' my electro magnetic extention
Radiate six feet in every single direction
Guessin' stressin' they tensin'
Yo Doe-V yo teach 'em now the new lessons

Doe V:
It's team player baby hold this shit down since the 80's
So how the hell am I gonna let one of these new niggas play me
Wanna spray me lay me shadey with the 380
Crazy nigga play me be a cold night in Hades
We keeps it real with ya paw
But cats get froud like saggy titties in a push up bra
It's fucked up how they did Big Poppa 
Will the show go on? They gotta
And pokers still bring it proper

Fresh for 97 from 86 that makes 11
Years on the microphone Can We Talk like Tevin
I Run like th Reverend, hip hop heaven
The number of God is not only seven
It's nine and three so come follow me 
On a journey to witness a real MC
The mind tricks the body I was in the party 
When Dougie recorded Lodi Dodi
And I ain't see nobody

If one slow, then everybody slow
If one know, then everybody know
If one flow, then everybody flow
If one blow nigga, then everybody blow     (x2)

It's me again sober but never lonely with Doe V
Moving closely you got skills kid now show me
K the R the S is the teacher don't forget that
Challenging this could get your album date set back
Diplomatic this rap addict tunes out static
No we can't have it I spurt the verbal Magic like Mister
Don't get it Twisted like Sister
Or Keith like Sweat trickles down your cheek better put up the anus
Chewin' your crew like cheese danish let me change this
Lyrical flows I reign this You can't tame this this is aimless
MCin' while bein' famous and rich
Still believe it it's got to be that way
Which way, the no bitch way, the no snitch way
Definatly not the bitch way
"Is he a real ferous serious?" They ask right when they cranium cracks

Shamma Lamma can't nobody slamma 
And if I can't slam ya I'm a hit you with a hammer
Huh boom bamma then you say
"Damn ah why'd ya hit me Shamma Lamma?"
"Cause that's still the way I am-ah"
Can have tight security still run up in your jamma
And hit you like a 4-4 slug kablamma blamma
Who's name rings bells 360 from toliet 12
Legend has it when he piss he put out the fires in hell
Plus rock well, honies wanna Fuck You For Free like Akinele
So cocktales through niggas window if my glock fail
It ain't where your from it's what your representin'
Mama always taught me never eat where you be shittin'
Oh no he didn't
Straight from jail for I'm kickin' 
Can't trush them hoes I can see clear from where I'm sittin'
Since the days of (Brooklyn keeps on takin' it)
Bronx keeps creatin' it (True only relate to this)
A few real niggas left and the rest is immitatin' it
Mistaking it for life is too hard then we breakin' it
Doe-V is coming through with KRS ain't no mistakin' it

Put the jewels on the table we takin' it

Hook (x2)

Doe V:
I damage your molecular structure your heart beat fluctured
Main arteries rupture I puncture
Your style my mental state's on the prowl
I bring it wild like a bunch of immates goin' to trail
I cause havoc a mystery like Voodu magic
I set the static I'm comin' barracade the barracks
Disrupt your molecules I demolish crews
And bruise and toss
A-yo nail to the cross

Hook (x4)