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Artist: DJ Honda f/ De La Soul
Album:  DJ Honda - HII
Song:   Trouble in the Water
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What's up, world?
Goin' give you a little love right here
My man, DJ Honda blessed us with a joint
Word up, De La up in here, ha
We goin' to spread a little love
To some folks who up in my hair right now
Ah'ight? Check it out

Verse One

It was a big deal moving my big wheel to L.I.
Had a back yard, tho' shit moved slow
Caught a cat on the humble, wassup, wassup, kid?
Ya'll be memorizin' flicks of the wild things we did
We was brick-ball niggas, six small niggas
And they knew it, and wasn't no-body runnin' through us 
Steppin' in the backyard parties was a blast
Fucking up our sneakers on the wet grass
Remember getting stabbed in ya ass?
Your Moms sat us all down
Said we was niggas and clowns but it was just love
And plus love showed me that she was a diamond
Findin' out God, took a hit me dead on my heart 
And made the eye water start
But you was strong, can ya hear me Huggy?
Keep your mind crystal clear when your thought gets muggy
We them easy street kids from Mr. Bryant's basement
Wishin' for the Apollo, tryin' to get dough
Now my time moves slow, ain't it all full circle?
A dove cry makes the whole scene turn purple
Remember that night you had to hide in the freezer?
For real, see them kids were real, we still ?slear?
But now we grown niggas, and we handling kids
We been since day one, and the days ain't over
Gotta share a back seat, push with the chauffer
My Pops said he's waiting for your ass in the zone
So we can fly to the land, and welcome you home
Rob-O see we good to go, you know the rest...
Don't stress, love-love baby. Ah'ight?

If you got time to give, I got time to think
See, it could all change in one eye blink
While you in the trouble water I hope ya don't sink
Don't sink, don't sink, don't sink

Verse Two
Check it out
Some rarely saw the negative cause
From the depths of one's blurred everything's now
Cleared by laws
Mad for mere seconds, in the span of dying
Trying to tell you don't go, I'm about to blow
No mo' innocence, it's about the dollars
And events of fame
Aren't you? Search your name
From the group? Search your name
On the dotted line, back before the rhyme I had reasons
To punch the kid who tried teasin' during lunch
It was a matter of pro-mo-ting de-cen-cy
But the 'de' and the 'cy' fell off, so I sinned
Again and again, until Jesus came down
Wait, I'm still sinning! I guess he hasn't reached the ground!
Thoughts of me, before my voice could
Even recall, couldn't afford the physical peep
How then was now, but now is not
Yo, I'm a minute wiser but it seems, kid
I got some beef, can't take or shake off the wrong
Accept my apologies to Bob, pass the horn!
No need for false alarm
Word up!
The Nuyopian charm is for show back again
It's rememberin' the was that is now gone
For the access of the now so I can move on
For the access of the now so I, so I

Chorus x2

G'night world, g'night world
De La, yo
My man DJ Honda is on the beat like this
Don't sink, don't sink, don't sink, don't sink ya'll
Just letting ya'll into the fleeing moments
Of the memories of mine
And about like this, one time, one time