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Artist: DJ JS-1 f/ KRS-One, Rahzel *
Album:  No One Cares
Song:   How We Think
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

* Rahzel is only beatboxing

Let's go {*7X*}

Woooooo~! The +Boom Bap+, yeah
JS-1, whattup?
You all over this one
Aight, turn my mic up
We go like this

[KRS-One singing]
When I feeeeel, like I feeeeel
I start speaking out the freshest rhymes
No other band, can overstand how we jam
They say we lost our miiiiinds, woooo!
But at its best, hip-hop is lowwwww
It's the shining light and motivating force, that's in my life
If you ever feel the need, to move a crowwwwd
Let me knowwwww

Blastmaster KRS closed it up and wrap it up
Rapmaster, oh yes, all shows we actin up
Emceein straight to the more raw, they lap it up
No hit record or nuttin, we +Boom Bap+ it up
Straight to the core, no oink oink, now that's what's up
DT's in cop cars, they tryin to trap us up
But I'm too smart, my art sparks the captain up
Pop stars in hot cars, they start backin up
Pop star radio DJ's start backin up
Serato can't cut it when KRS start actin up
Every sound clash we boom bash and mash it up
Spit so much heat in the street, can't pass it up
This studio, that studio, rhyme books we stack 'em up
Party style rhymes for fun times, so laugh it up
Be clear, no war here, put the ratchet up
That's what hip-hop was made for, now that's whassup!

[Interlude: KRS-One]
Yeah JS, I'm feelin this track all day
+Boom Bap+ all day, feel it! Feel it~!
Yo you ain't got no cuts
You ain't got no scratches for these people?
Feel it! Feel it!

[Chorus: DJ JS-1 scratching samples]
"I be hatin sucker emcees, and the sucker DJ's" - ATCQ
"Suckers" - KRS-One

Yeah a little more of that, a little more of that
Aight watch this!
We went from zigga zigga zigga to nigga, nigga and nigga
From countin little figures to countin figures that's bigger
We pourin our the liquor for those who fell to the trigger
I'm movin quicker not sick of drinkin that health elixir
I'm visualizin myself with health all in the picture
You pullin them guns and them funds but "Love's Gonna Get 'Cha"
It's the rhyme spitter from summer to winter winter
It's the opposite of spit so get the picture

FEEL IT! Hai hai hai hai hai
(Keep the balance in hip-hop, way-o)
See this is hip-hop right here
When we say hip-hop, this what we talkin about
(Right here) Aight JS, take us out - let's go!

[Chorus] w/ variations

1, 2, 3
The crew is called BDP
We represent the real hip-hop
1, 2, 3
The crew is called BDP
We represent hip-hop, way-o