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Artist: DJ JS1 f/ KRS-One, Rahzel
Album:  Ground Original
Song:   Essentials
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Yo, to my man JS stay flesh, not stress
KRS, word
Yeah yo hear yo word

[JS1 scratches]
Here..we go again

What yeah hear yo word
JS check the turntable
{*JS1 scratches*}
Yo Rahzel check ya mic
{*Rahzel beatboxes*}
Uhh, it's like that y'all
Uhh, yo, and take it back y'all
Yeah, word, it's like that y'all
Aha aha, take it back y'all
Look, look
Well it's the hardness, the realness
wanna corner, you feel this
You feel Chris comin' through I runnin' you with a stylist
timin' get for rhymin' get for a real MC to shine and start again
I'm the tiger in the woods of it she cardigan
please start it again cause you don't hear me yo
You speak battle you in the face of a DJ that can really flow
Turn my mic on, Shock, you off
Let me get my fight on rap around like a pipedon
Still a multicultural icon
Yo Rahzel turn you mic on!
*Rahzel beatboxes*

How many times I got to tell you?
That's it, that's it
The real Hip-Hop
How many times I got to tell you?
Comin' to you liiiive!
Yeah, come on now, aha that's it
that's right, that's it
Yo JS wassup with that?
[JS1 scratches]
I don't know

Yo, welcome to the school for gifted DJ's, say hullo
'Hello' wrong page, cross delays, my mind spray I'm blazed
On the mic I find ways to lift you, shift you from negative issues
Knockin' off the album you skipped through...or in you
I fake bless while my face stays fresh
KRS, Domingo, my man JS

[JS1 scratches]
Nothing but some real shit, what y'all expected?
I mean real hip-hop is in the place right about now
Where ya at?
Come on

Yeah yeah you gettin' a treat tonight
Like glock shots all around you
My flow will astound you
My cap and gaunt too
Let's get down to bizness
watch me spit this, with quickness
DJ'ing witness
{*JS1 scratches*}
Yeah yeah speed it up!
{*JS1 scratches*}
Uh uh uh yo, speed it uup!
{*JS1 scratches*}
Uh yo uh now slow it down
{*JS1 scratches*}
Uh yeah uh yeah slow it down
{*JS1 scratches*}
Now transform it!
uh come on come on
transform it!
{*JS1 scratches*}
Transformation, transformation
Now tell 'em, what's my name!?
Yo tell 'em, what's my name!?
[JS1 scratches]
K..R..S, specializes in music, K..R..S one!

Yo JS, rule number four thousand and eighty is
"the record company people are shady"
the rule number four thousand and eighty one
is never battle KRS-ONE!
I'm takin' 'em out, how they gonna call my name in the house?
Well it is just back save it up punch in their mouth
You take a little tribe upon me son
I'm like that alcohol that battled your father, remember I won
Used to beat your ass, now you take for me bash
you better take your seat in this class
I'm psychic, I know what's really on your mind
hmmmm, you wanna be fucked from behind
Take a motherfuck from the nine, don't call it a come-back
this goes verbal my spine, dispurse on the back of your dress
I saw your man sittin' downstairs he did look like whoress
Tryin' to call Chris your crew your crew
Why I gotta come down to this?
I'm here on the stage you like fuck Chris
but backstage I say; Yo you said what Chris?
What your tryin' to move you can't move inches
What your tryin' to pull your DJ's are bitches
Takin' you out that's a sin
you see a new trick like Linda
and fell on his dick like Lewinsky
Never try to get me, never try to outwit me
You can be removed like a titty
Now while I put twenty inch grins on my Benzo
What a car to sit, to low, and bend my fender(?)
Yo Domingo in the back, KRS-one, yes the god of rap
I got JS on the wheels of steel
You know how we feel, Rahzel hit the real!!

Brea..eak it down
Brea..eak break it down like this!