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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Busta Rhymes, Cee-Lo, The Game
Album:  We the Best Forever
Song:   Sleep When I'm Gone
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[DJ Khaled]
About to change the game
Cash Money, Young Money
I'm for real about this shit
Let's go

[Chorus: Cee-Lo]
I'm countin my time, cause my time is my money
The sun goes down but I won't stop for nothing
Why close my eyes? I'd rather sleep when I'm gone
Sleep when I'm gone, sleep when I'm gone (one)
I'm lookin at the clock like yay yay
Naps to my treasure, yay ay (time's on the side, so-whoa)
Why close my eyes? I'd rather sleep when I'm gone
Sleep when I'm gone, sleep when I'm gone

[The Game]
They say sleep is the cousin of death, guess we related
Cause I'm the most slept on, and the most hated
Hated, hated by niggaz with no hustle
Starin at me in the club like I won't bust you
in the face with the spades, life is a card game
And I'm playin spades, gamblin with y'all change
Fuckin +Basketball Wives+ while you at away games
Really fuckin +Basketball Wives+ ain't gotta say names
Whole body tattered like a New York City freight train
Niggaz get to barkin, put a bullet in the great dane
Try me, end up like why me?
Team full of animals, like I coach the +Heat+
Four floor mansion, close to the beach
Six car garage, that's how I'm supposed to eat
In Miami, rolling up kush on boat decks
Flaggin down the waitress, wavin my Rolex


[Busta Rhymes]
Yo; I done survived the test of time doin this shit so long
And only rest to rise again homey, I sleep when I'm gone - look!
A legend while I'm prime and so current and they hate this
The streets'll classify me as another level of greatness
I don't fight for crowns at all, I let whack niggaz bitch
and let 'em flip while they debate on who the king of this shit - listen!
See I don't waste time debatin over those things
Because I'm God motherfucker, God create kings - watch it
I'm hearin that a lot of niggaz mad through the grapevine
The piano soundin beautiful and sad at the same time
The feeling at a funeral, so study you niggaz
Khaled provide the theme music while I bury you niggaz!
See now there's no escaping the God, you better find a get away
'fore I start wiling like Haitians and Jamaicans when it's Labor Day
Khaled, every time you know we gotta make 'em love it
And realize that everything is hotter when we touch it {*echoes*}


[The Game]
Aiyyo Khaled, let this shit breeze...

It's poor lil' rich nigga, that's me
Smoke comin out the sun roof, blowin on hashish
Can't stop now, cause I'm in too deep
One point five wide every two weeks
Niggaz wanna kill me, let the shells fall out
Life is short the place my kids gon' ball out
They kids gon' ball out, 20 years from now, pullin cars out
You gon' think cocaine gettin hauled out
Ass gettin shipped in, crystal meth gettin dipped in
All cause you let a nigga slip in
Aftermath, oh-five, G-Unit, oh-six
Everything else is gymnastics, watch the dough flip
Sittin on the couch, smokin up memories
Pourin Jack Daniels, toast to my enemies
Fuck beef, nigga I ain't got the energy
Take the last shot to the dome, John Kennedy