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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Betty Wright, Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar
Album:  Major Key
Song:   Holy Key
Typed by: Cedmaster3K

{"This is, this is..."}

[Intro: Big Sean] + (DJ Khaled)
Whoa whoa whoa
Doin' what I gotta do, uh-huh
Whattup doe? (We the Best Music)
I guess I'm on my don shit
What that mean? I'ma go
Uh-huh (DJ Khaled!) Straight up

[Big Sean]
Late nights mixed with early days (uh-huh)
It'll probably be that way until the pearly gates (straight up)
Stress weighin' on me, they want me to nervous break
These hoes showin' fake love when I prefer the hate man
Sheesh, at least if you real then I have to respect it (respect)
Realize the energy you give is what you manifested (damn)
So understand we positive as could be
The vision is still intact, the show is fresh out of seats
Boy it's never goin' south 'less we down in South Beach
Khaled on the jet skiis, preachin' what you believe in
Everything fast 'cept the food, watch what we eatin'
If it add a couple years to our life then we might go vegan
Woah, I hear a little bit of me in all your favorite rappers
You know it's true, bitch I need respect due
Now or later, either way I'ma take it just like it's fuckin' taxes
No wonder I'm on fire, I done been to hell and back bitch
Lately I been livin', life in detachment
I practice, seven spiritual laws and, cut off distractions
We been, all in the Hollywood Hills and, never been actin'
Detroit, gave me an accent and Christ, gave me his passion
Father help us, police doin' target practice with real bodies
Mommas in the streets cryin', standin' over a still body (God why?)
Niggas over stressin', we under investigation
Every day off to the races, can't fuck with you if you racist (nah)
Beat your ass until you purple, they can't even tell what your race is (damn)
Dr. King meet Dr. Dre except this doctor lost all his patience (damn)
Have you tied up in a basement with you and your partner facin' adjacent
until you deposit payment or reparations
If you shoot me then you gotta deal with a holy me
It feel like I'm finally free and unlocked my spirit with the holy key
(The holy key, the holy key, the holy key, the holy key...)

[Chorus 2X: Betty Wright] + (DJ Khaled)
And I'ma celebrate it for a looong time
The drama couldn't break me now it's allll mine
Surrounded by my angels and we allll shine
Holy, holy, holy (holy key)

[Kendrick Lamar]
Everything I touch may disintegrate into dust (uh-huh)
Everything I trust may dishonor me in disgust (come on)
Everything is everything, affidavits and wedding rings
Out for blood on my higher horse, I report what it was
I don't wear crosses no more, Yeshua's comin' back
I ain't scared of losses no more, I see life in that
I don't resonate with the concept of love and hate
Cause your perspective is less effective and rather fake
The universe and the heavens work in my DNA
Kendrick said "Fuck Mother Earth", that's PSA
The land of the wicked, the foundation of Lucifer's spirit
Walkin' zombies and spellcatchers, I pray for forgiveness
Uncle Bobby and Paul June is lost again
The underworld and the fourth dimension my family's in
The big money, the fast cars, my life produced
The blocks I connected while re-buildin' this Rubix cube
So what you look up to? Fame and fortune, bitches, Porsches, sources with designer thing
Brand endorsement joinin' forces with sorcerers signin' me
Law enforcement, their forces tortures us with violent speed
Fuck your boss's employment, my joy is to see all you bleed
Who knew Royce's with choices of color my desire need?
Crab and oyster with gorgeous abortions, I require thee
Flesh and poison, the point is the reason you won't die in peace
Open door for my boy now they eatin', we say finally
I destroy and divorce what you eatin', don't you hire me
Tape recordin' my voices and tweak it, let's play hide and seek
War distortion and forfeit this evenin', you should try at least
I'm restorin' the portrait of feastin' nigga, I am beast
I don't like to sleep, I'm up like coyote, I might OD
Hair like ODB, I'm off a higher need
Khaled is valid, I been lookin' for inspiration
But when you the only king, you the only one in the matrix

[Betty Wright]
Ohhhhhh-ohh-whoooa yeah
Mm, yeeeeah


[Outro: Betty Wright]
Hooooly! Holy key!