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Artist: DJ Khaled f/ Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, T-Pain
Album:  All I Do Is Win 12"
Song:   All I Do Is Win (Remix)
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[Khaled] D, J, Khaled!
['Kiss]  AH-HAHHH!
[Swizz]  Showtime!
[Khaled] This the remix
[T-Pain] Hey! Yeah
[Khaled] We the best!

[Chorus: T-Pain] + (Swizz Beatz)
All I do is win win win no matter what
Got money on my mind (yeah) I can never get enough (right)
Whenever me and Khaled do the remix (what's up?)
Everybody hands go UP! (Ay, SHOWTIME!)
And they stay there (bounce) and they say yeah (right)
And they stay there (right) up down up down up down
Cause all I do is WIN, WIN, WIN
And if you goin in put yo' hands in the air (c'mon!)
Make 'em stay there!

[DJ Khaled] + (T-Pain)
We the Best music
DJ Khaled, I'm goin in!

Sittin on the top flo', what you think I'm hot fo'?
Every summer drop mo' hits to make my stock go (UP!)
Them hands go (UP!) Them fans go (UP!)
I'm #1 in this bitch and I'ma (STAY THERE!)
We the best of the best, grind while you haters asleep
I'm yellin "Free Weezy," I rep the heart of the streets
Who hotter than me? Khaled! I'm wearin the crown
And we can't stop, won't stop, GO HATE ON ME NOW!

[Rick Ross]
Teflon Don!
I can never get enough when it comes to gettin 'fetti
Niggaz ain't ready for my Ferrari Scaglietti
Mario Andretti, money comin fast
My honeycomb hideout is made of all glass
I can never be a racist; wake up every morning 
just to count white faces, Neo in +The Matrix+
Glorious as Morpheus, employed all warriors 
I'm mean as a scorpion, Dr. Kevorkian

[Busta Rhymes] + (T-Pain)
Yeah! Everytime I come you gotta know a nigga come
to get alot of money when I'm in the buildin and I come
Said a ain't no motherfuckin body BETTER BETTER BETTER BETTER!!!!
Uh-huh, ok, niggaz know I got it when I hit you with the pitter-patter
Whenever they see me then you hear alot of chitter-chatter
Niggaz know there ain't nobody BETTER BETTER BETTER BETTER!!!!
I watch alot of niggaz when I'm in the cut {HUH!!!}
So sick when I come and hit 'em in the gut {OH!!!}
You will crown me king (No matter what!)
Get 'em!!! Ok let's shine my friend, get up on my grind again
Some niggaz should be happy that I chose to rhyme with them


Aiyyo turn me up man, I want 'em to hear me
Aiyyo check this out..

Her heart racing like she snort cocaine (c'mon)
I got a billion reasons you should know my whole name {DIDDY} 
Got the most paper, Mr. New York Times
I'm a natural born winner, nigga New York MINE'S! (Mine!)
Everybody gettin money, but I cop the first six (uh-huh)
Now I run the game so I toss the first pitch (yeah)
Yeah I let you wife her, but she's still my first bitch (that's MY bitch!)
It's less than nine digits - nigga THAT ain't fuckin rich, motherfucker!

[Nicki Minaj]
Uhh, aiyyo all I do is win, ain't that the reason that you really mad?
Undisputed, hailin all the way from Trinidad
I ain't mad ma, I see you on your bummy swag
I'm in that money green Jag, lotta money bags
I told Khaled you the best but I'm the bestest
Better run for cover if your name is on my checklist
You could talk slick, all the way down to the welfare
Ask the IRS bitch, I'm payin for your healthcare

LOOK!!! I'ma make this here official, let me clear some issues
First off I am not for Brittney Spears initials
That's no B.S., at yo' request
Lean back you and yo' crew, Fat Joe, T.S.
Yeah it's Young Funeral, all black on me
So act like summer's over, and fall back homey
Winnin is all I do, I'll answer all of you
But y'all ain't sayin shit, like prank callers do


Uhh, uhh, uhh
Win, win, win, AH-HAHHH!
Uhh, yeah, yo
It's already proven I got them birds movin
All I do is win, I'm allergic to losin
Yellow gold Cuban, nine-mill' ruegin
I'll show you what to do with 'em, finish 'em I'm through with 'em
They 'gon have to jump me, it's 'gon take a few of them
They don't want no problems, they might end up suing them
Disassociate yourself, have nothin to do with them
We already got it yeah, we tryin to get two of them

[Fat Joe]
Yeah! Yo...
I just blew trial, Crack lots' is Little Italy
Your wife, she a screamer, yellin, "Slow down Joe, you killin me!"
Beat her like a prize fight, mami I'm a rude boy
Dude just hit the Powerball, everyday a new toy 
Nigga it's a stick up, a motherfuckin robbery
I done did some things that have Haitian Jack proud of me
Ridin through Harlem (Harlem!) me and Jeezy pardon me
Puffy surfin on the hood for niggaz that keep doubtin me