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Artist: DJ Nu-Mark & Pomo f/ MF DOOM
Album:  Blendcrafters (S)
Song:   Melody (Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Chorus: sampled singer starting at 0:20]
What good is mel-o-dy?
What good is muuu-sic?
If it ain't posessin somethin sweet?
It ain't the mel-o-dy
It ain't the muuu-sic
If it ain't posessin somethin sweet

Jesus the beat is cut in pieces like pizzas
When he grab the mic, deez nuts and please squeeze us
He told 'em "Hold up" after the punchline
Single file rappers with dull rhymes and ugly signs
In the ring with the frizzy bear, the grizzly bear
He win the thing with an exquisite rare stizzy stare
Gimme beer~! I'll show y'all how to do it right
When he put the mask on, he screw it tight, get stupid like
Troops staring, who could ask ("Uncle Nu!")
{"I didn't know that was youuuuuuu!"}


Dreams - the heat beam is like a laser level
Aim it 'til it straighten out, do your best to raise the devil
Bass and treble peakin, make sure they even
Be fakin more and he break a jaw and teeth then
Leavin, creepin, no time for weepin and grievin
Keep him breathin, keep him on believing
it don't matter... holdin onto to data
In the zone zonin ownin microphone chatter
Batter, swing {*CRACK*} that's the thing he's known better for
Worser than the casualties in the metaphor wars
But get your applause, bet them pores
Answer me these questions three to get across
Who's the boss? What size is them shoes of yours?
Who the wrong crew to cross? True or false?
Don't look at him, ask ("Uncle Nu!")
{"I didn't know that was youuuuuuu!"}