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Artist: DMX
Album:  They Want War 12"
Song:   They Want War (Ja Rule Diss)
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Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh 

[Chorus: 2x]
They want war
Ride Out!
They want war
Ride out!
They want war (What)
But you really don't know what you asking for (Come on)

“Yo, you remember the first time we rocked sound stage 
When the world was ready to let the dog out the cage? 
Covered the whole crowd rocking from here to there 
All you said was "throw your hands in the air!" 
You'se a hype man nigga (What) I started you dude 
You have bitches part of your crew that's harder than you
Let me tell you what niggaz in jail say across that table
That you are the cutest bitch on your label 
Only records you got are the ones you signing on (la la la) 
Never been to jail, never had a block you were slanging on 
We all rode with killers just think 
But you, come on dog, the only thing you murdered was inc
You got to watch the shit you say to niggaz 
Sitting over there smiling, but pussy, I don't play with niggaz 
I'm about to make you a fucking believer 
Next time send your man in your place cause I don't battle divas

[Chorus 2x]

Time's up! What the fuck? That's the verdict 
Cats spit some weak shit, dog done heard it 
That's the best you can come up with? Fucking faggot 
I'ma bout to run up quick, run up cliques (click, boom)
All you cats do is talk trash 
And I got 50 that says Alicia Keys will bust your ass 
What you about a buck 5? Buck 6? 
I'm coming right for you nigga, can't duck this 
Me jealous for what? You don't even know 
The way you be running around dancing in bitches videos
You're embarrassing me junior, I loved you like a son
You been on my dick since "4, 3, 2, 1"
How the fuck you supposed to be the head of your crew
When everybody with you flow better than you?
You do it like this, since you gotta have dick to swing on
I got a blazing R&B joint you can sing on

[Chorus: 2x]

Come on, come on
Uh, uh
What the fuck is wrong with this nigga man?
Fuck, don't he know?
Doesn't he fucking know?
We gon find out today
Arf, arf, arf, arf, arf, arf