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Artist: DMX
Album:  The Great Depression
Song:   I'ma Bang
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Let's knock it out....that's all, oh we gon' do it
(Another one of these, huh) Knock it the fuck out
(One of those joints)Put it down (okay)
But it gotta bang (I see what's goin' on here)
It has to bang! Ya Know?

Uh, uh, uh, uh

(Chorus 2x)
I'ma Bang! Hit the block pitchin slang
Bang! Hit the rock spit the game
Bang! Get the glock spit the flame
Do my motherfuckin thing!

I speak for the meak and the lonely (uhh), weak and the hungry (uhh)
Speak for the part of the street that keep it ugly (aight)
And niggaz couldn't wear my shoes
'Cause the places that I walk, most catz couldn't bear my dues (uhh)
Or pay the tolls of the roads I done kept on, crept on (what)
Walk 'til I got tired then curled up and slept on (whoo)
My journey has earned me the right to reach
I burned so I earned the right to teach, what to eat (c'mon)
What niggaz been gettin' fed is pork (uhh)
What you niggaz been gettin' fed, shouldn't be even on your fork
Let's talk (aight), about this, and about that (uh-huh)
Yeah, we like this or we can do it out back (aight)
Keep the bullshit for the rodeo
'Cause on the real, you cocksuckers don't know me yo
Hit you wit' something for frontin' that'll end your life
Then hit your crib and bend your wife (c'mon)

(Chorus 2x)

It upsets me to see niggaz that's flossin too much
Wearing shit that's costin too much (uhh), how often I touch
I like to break fake niggaz (what), rape snake niggaz (what)
I take weight nigga (what), you fake hate nigga (c'mon)
And niggaz and ain't got the balls to say to my face
what you think behind my back
Suck my dick! How's about that? (aight)
Loose lifts is loose clips and crews hit
I run wit' niggaz from Israel to hijack crew ships (uhh)
Watch the news at 6 (whoo), that's how I'm gettin' down
Feds lookin for the dog, oh that nigga outta town
This is a grown-up game, thinkin 'cause you got a blown-up name (what)You won't get a blown-up frame
I ain't playin wit' you niggaz no more, them are old
I be layin when you hit the door, you hit it cold
Be like "Oh no!", see what I'm sayin
I told Money to stop playin, now he layin, we prayin (aight)

(Chorus 2x)

Oh my God! Yah niggaz done lost yo mind
Toss the nine (uhh), this nigga done cross the line
Disrespectful shit will get you hit, bitch (what)
Fuck who you wit', you niggaz get what you get (uhh)
Five to the spine, ride now niggaz is dying
Money pulled out he was trying, yet to slow wit the iron (uhh)
Nuttin but gun firing, blap blap blap blap
Cocksucka where it at (what)
Open up your back now I can see through your stomach
Told stupid muthafucka to stop runnin (uhh, or run in (uhh)
To a buck shot, can't duck off shot
It's that click click boom you outta luck shot (whoo)
Now don't fall to pieces on me, because the piece is on me (uh-huh)
He thought the leash was on me, but dog the streets are hungry (uh-huh)
And I'ma feed 'em everytime I sing, do my thing
Dog gon' bang, bang, bang!

(Chorus 4x)